Neck Shaping

I am working on my first sweater and ran into a problem. I searched the forum and couldn’t find this problem exactly. My pattern for a pullover states “Work across 29 sts, slip next 21 sts onto st holder; with second yarn, work across 29 sts each side.”

I worked the first 29 sts and slipped 21 sts onto a st holder, but how do I start the 29 sts after the sts on the holder if my needle is still in the first section? Do I need to take a third needle of the same size to work the second 29 sts? I hope I’m explaining this ok. And I hope I’m not being dense in not understanding! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

You can use the same needles. You’ll just need a new strand of yarn. They’ll be a gap between the two shoulders where you have the stitches on the holder, but everything will work with the two needles you’ve been using.


I did not want to create another tpoic because i’m having the same problem like you.I’m knitting my first sweater and now i’m dividing the neck but i don’t really understand.i already divided and leave the remaining sts.on a said:

**Working all raglan and neck decreases in same way as given for back,continue as follows:-
Work 1 row.
Dec. 1 st. at raglan edge on next and following 11 alt.rows and at same time dec. 1 st. at neck edge of next following 2 alt.roes, then on every following 4th row. 7 sts.

Next row(wrong side)-p.7***

Please help me , this part i’m really lost i dont know what to do.Thank you.

You’ll continue the raglan decreases as you’ve been doing them, every right side row 11 times. As you are doing that, you’ll decrease one stitch at the neck edge on the next 2 right side rows, and then again 4 rows after that until you have 7 stitches left.

Sorry Ingrid ,

I’ve got another questions because is not enought clear for me.

This is the raglan decrease for back:

RS:-K.2,K.2tog., last 4 sts.,sl.1,k.1,p.s.s.o.,k.2.

if i have to decrease 1 st at the same time at neck edge , that means that i will decrease twice because the neck edge will always be decreased following the raglan decrease as given for back.

i hope it is clear what i wrote down, if not i’ll try to make it clear.

Before you start decreasing for the neck shaping, there should be a point where you put some of the stitches on a holder, or bind off some stitches in the center to create two separate sides, each with it’s own yarn. This gives you a neck edge from which to decrease.

I see what u mean , let me expalin and let me know if i undrestand it.i ve already divided an put them into a st.holder i have 26 sts.and i finish on a RS.
Next row will be a WS row wchich i will purl following the raglan decrease.
RS:23sts. because i will decrease for the neck edge.

Rs:20sts. decrease for the neck edge
Rs:15 sts.decrease for the neck edge is the 4th row after the next 2 right side.

Even while counting is not 11 times the right side.
Thank you for helping me and i hope this time i a little bit understand.

Good night.

This is what I get. You have 23 stitches?

row 1 raglan decrease (rd) = 22
row 2 and all even rows - purl
row 3 rd and nd = 20
row 5 rd = 19
row 7 rd and nd = 17
row 9 rd = 16
row 11 rd = 15
row 13 rd = 14
row 15 rd and nd = 12
row 17 rd = 11
row 19 rd = 10
row 21 rd = 9
row 23 rd and nd = 7

It is 12 right side rows, because you do the decrease on the next and following 11 alternate rows.

Thank you so much , i think i get it and make sense.
Thank u. :smiley: