Neck shaping

I’m a beginner and making my first sweater. I’m confused about the following instructions:
B.o. 2 sts at next neck edge, then 2 sts every other row 3 times, then 1 st 1 time. What is the “neck edge”?? It is a cardigan and I’m working on the left front. I haven’t started anything yet, since I’m not sure where to start binding off. Do I bind off the first two stitches, in the middle of the row, at the end? I need explicit, simple instructions…lol…please don’t assume that I know anything…lol…Thank you to all who help! Linda

The neck edge would be the center front stitches if you are doing a cardigan. The other edge would likely be referred to as the armhole. You will be binding off at the very edge of the center front. Do you understand the other instructions about every other row 3 times, etc.??

Hi, Thank you so much for the reply. I’m sorry to be so stupid, but what is the center front?? I think that I can figure out the rest of the instructions, I just am confused about where to start binding off. So, let me see if I understand you…I knit the first two stitches in the new row and then start the binding off…I feel like such a dolt…How can I have earned a graduate degree and not understand some simple instructions?? The thing is, I really enjoy knitting and have always wanted to do it since I was a little kid( many, many years ago…LOL) Linda

Any binding off is done right at the beginning of a row–don’t knit two and bind off or you’ll have a gap.

Hold the piece up against you as if you were wearing it. That will tell you where the neck edge and the arm edge are.

If you’re working on the left front, then you’ll bind off when the wrong side is facing you. Bind off two, work to the end, knit the next row, then bind off two on the next 3 wrong side rows. Then one stitch at that edge once.


thank you so much for your time and patience! You are a real lamb…lol…Thank you again…I love this site, I will be bothering you all on a regular basis!! :smiley: [/img]


Hi, Just thinking about the reply that I received re the neck shaping. If I’m working on the left front of a cardigan, wouldn’t I bind off the last three stitches since that would be the neck edge?? :smiley:

The problem is that you can’t bind off at the end of a row. You have to bind off at the beginning of a row, so for the left front, you’d have to have the wrong side facing you and bind off the first three stitches for the neck edge.

Hi! thanks again for your reply and taking the time to answer me! I did finally figure it out for myself after reading and re-reading the response you sent me yesterday. When I realized that you can’t bind off at the end of a row (something I did on a sweater that I never finished…and remembered this time what I had done back then), I understood what you were explaining. So, thanks again and hopefully I’ll be wearing this sweater very soon!! :XX: :smiley: