Neck shaping Question


I was wondering if somebody could help me with this.

I am knitting a beautiful jumper by Lene Holme Samsoe. It is called “Cille” and is knitted in the round on circular needles (you start in the middle and slowly add to the circle as you go along). I am knitting the front part and have come to the part where I have to start shaping the neck and I just don’t understand the pattern.

Knit 6. Move the outer 29 stitches from the right needle onto a stitch holder and knit each side seperately by knitting back and forth on circular needles.

Row 73 (right side): Cast off 2 st (1 stitch is now on your right needle), knit 25 etc. and then the pattern carries on.[/I]

There are several things I don’t understand. Up until now, I have been knitting in the round. Do I knit the first 6 and then start knitting back and forth? Also, if I put the first 29 stitched (I assume the 6 stitches I just knitted are part of these 29?) from my right needle onto a stitch holder, my working yarn is then in the middle of everything and I don’t know how to carry on.

Also, why are they highlighting that 1 stitch is on my right needle after the cast off?

I’m sorry, this is probably something that is fairly simple to do, I just can’t picture how it would work.

I hope you can help.

Thank you very much in advance.

The last question is the easiest to answer. They’re reminding you that there’s going to be one stitch left after you cast off 2sts. If you knit 25sts then you’ll have 26sts for one side on the right needle. I don’t have the pattern but possibly this is one side of the neck?
For the question of the 29sts, it seems like you’ll knit 6, then move those 6 plus 23sts before that onto a stitch holder. So if the 6sts are at the beginning of round, it’ll be 23 from the end of round plus 6sts from the beginning of round. I’m not sure what “outer” refers to, however.
When you do this the working yarn will be at the end of the stitch holder (actually scrap yarn would be easier in this case than a hard stitch holder). Use that working yarn to continue with whatever the next directions are and just snug it up to the next stitch on the left needle.