Neck shaping on sweater

Ok, Stupid question 312. I’m knitting a baby sweater and have been going great guns; but it’s been years since I’ve done anything like a sweater. The problem is the neck shaping. On the back the directions say to bind off 9 stitches, put the next 24 on a stitch holder then bind off the last 9 stitches. I know binding off, but what do I do with the working yarn at the end of the first bind off? Cut it? Carry it over to the last bind off?

Same problem with the neck shaping in the front. Move 9 stitches to holder; continue pattern for additional 2 inches. What happens to the working yarn? I just carried it over from the first stitch and continued the pattern. There’s enough yarn so that I can weave it in when I do the neck band, but I don’t think I did this the “right” way. Any suggestions?

What it means is that you bind off 9 stitches, then drop your yarn. Put 24 stitches on a holder, then JOIN A SECOND BALL OF YARN and bind off hte last 9 stitches.

However, you’re finishing will be a lot easier if for the back you put 9 stitches on one holder, 24 on another, and final 9 on another holder.

Then go to the front. I’m not clear from what you have written what is going on, but bascially at some point you will end up 9 stitches bound off on each end. Again, if you put these on a holder, you can then join them the 9 stitches from the back using 3-needle bind-off. I’m sure Amy has a tutorial on this.

Hope this helps