Neck shaping on a sweater

I finished the shoulder/neck shaping the way that you instructed and I did it correctly. My question is: When you bind off in a row along the shoulder and then knit or purl the rest of the way toward the neck or shoulder, there is a bump transitioning from the bind off to the knit. And in the middle of the shoulder line, where the final bind off occurs, there is a small ridge. I thought that according to the pattern there is a line from the shoulder to the neck that is a slight incline, which doesn’t match the slight incline in the middle of the shoulder line that I completed. Why the difference and will this weave together nicely with the front piece?

Because you bind off in stages to shape the shoulder, you do get a bump or step in the shoulder line. These steps should match on the fronts and backs. You can seam by lining up fronts and backs with the right sides or public sides of the knitting facing each other and sewing a seam in a straight line from armhole to neck edge. Don’t follow the steps of the bind off, seam in a straight line. You can also do a mattress stitch seam on the shoulders if you follow this video.
Glad the neck and shoulder shaping worked out.

Thank you so much.