Neck shaping help

I promise if I ever finish this sweater (my first) I will understand all directions! Directions for neck shaping, Starting with a k row, work in st st, dec 1 at end of next and every following 2nd row (9 times) for the size I need. It then says I will have 25 stitches. I casted on 35. So, trying to understand, do I do the first decrease on the 1st row I begin with the st st and then that would mean the other odd rows 9 times or do I start the decrease on the 2nd row and then do it 9 more times on even rows? I sure wish I knew someone near me who knitted so I could sit with them and ask questions.:?? :??

Yes, dec at the beg and end of the first knit row of stockinette, then dec on both ends of every 9 knit rows until you have 25 sts.

Starting with the next odd row (a knit row) decrease at the end of the row. Do this on 10 odd rows, total.