Neck shaping help

Quick question-

I am knitting a sweater, and am at the neck shaping. The pattern reads:

Knit 29, cast off the center 16 sts, knit remaining 29 sts. Work each shoulder separately, beginning where the yarn is attached.

Do I knit 29, cast off 16, and then pick up the other 29 with a separate skein to knit the remaining 29 sts? I’m pretty sure that’s it, but not sure enough. Thanks!!

I don’t think so - after you cast off, the working yarn will be on the side with the ‘second’ 29 sts, so if you join another skein there you’ll have 2 on the same side. I think I would be inclined to work the row as indicated and then work the shoulder with your current ball of yarn, then go back and join another skein for the other shoulder.
I hope that was clear enough.

never mind- I answered my own question. I knit the first 29, cast off the center, knit across the other 29, then work that side of the shoulder. When I’m done that shoulder, I then pick up the other side, and work it.

WORK IT, BABY!! :smiley:

thanks, tab- you and I posted at the same time!! you were clear enough, and you were right!!

Hi Margie,

Yes, you’ll be knitting 29, casting off 16, then continuing knitting that row with the same yarn for the other 29 stitches. When you turn for the next row, you’ll knit one side with the yarn attached, and need to join another yarn to finish up that row.

After you finish the row where you bound off the 16 stitches make sure you have two groups of 29 stitches (sometimes if I’m not careful I cast off one too many).

Have fun and Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: