Neck shaping, help please!

i have started knitting a sweater by generating pattern from website. sofar it went well. now i got very confused with the neck shaping instructions given as below.
[B]At center of front, place 21 stitches on a holder.
Turn and continue working in stockinette stitch on one side of the neck,decreasing one stitch at neck edge on every front-side (knit) row.
Note: To decrease at the neck edge, place one stitch on the same holder used to hold the stitches at the center of the neck shaping.[/B]
[B]AT THE SAME TIME: When front measures 10.5 inches or approximately 66 rows from beginning of the armhole, shape shoulders. Cast off 12 stitches at the beginning of the next 6 rows.[/B]

i didn’t come across such neckline shaping anywhere. i hope somebody would help me to clarify this because i put a lot of effort to finish the sweater to this point.


You’re right, it does sound funny. Maybe you should re-interprete it in a more normal way, ie:
place 21 sts of cf on holder. working one side at a time: every 2 rows, on right side (knit), make 1 dec at neck edge ( maybe you could do a k2tog and ssk 1 or 2 sts away from edge rather than placing a stitch on the holder etc…)
at the same time, shape shoulder (pretty clear, starting the first cast off at each end of the piece of course…)

Hope this helps
good luck to you

I’ve done a neck like this. It’s not too bad, and you have live stitches later for the neckline rather than having t pick up stitches.

I’d suggest that rather than use a stitch holder, put the center stitches on a spare circular–the size isn’t important. Then when you get to the neck edge on the knit side, you can just slip that first stitch onto the spare needle and continue the row.

If you don’t have a circ, you can use a stitch holder, but make sure that the open end is pointing toward the side you’re working on.

hi french kiwi and ingrid,
thanks for your suggestions. i hope that would work. i will let you know once i finish this part.