Neck pillow pattern?

Hi! :slight_smile: I’m looking for a pattern to knit on of those u-shaped neck pillows (Like this.). Does anyone know where I might find one?

I think I saw one of those in the Travel issue of Knit 1 magazine. I poked around the knit 1 website, but couldn’t find any information on it. Maybe someone else has more information?

Here’s a travel set on KnitPicks:

And here is a pattern that used to be online for an Herbal Neck Wrap:

Herbal Neck Wrap
by: Geane Helfrich

Knit this soothing and relaxing herbal neck wrap!

Finished Measurements:
width 4-5 inches; length 18 inches or desired length
7.5 to 6 sts=1" (see above widths)
2 hanks Classic Elite Inca Alpaca
100% alpaca
50 grams/116 yards
Size 3 US (3.25 mm) double points
3" to 4" strip sewable (not adhesive) Velcro or non-metal snap closures
sewing thread to match velcro
sewing needle
yarn darning needle
1 knee high stocking
2 (or 3) 1 lb. bags whole flaxseeds (health food store)
favorite smelling herbal tea, dried herbs, and/or essential oils
large mixing bowl
plastic funnel or cardboard toiler paper or paper towel tube
measuring cup, scoop, or soup ladle

Cast on 60 stitches. Join into round being careful not to twist. Knit every round until piece measures 18" or desired length around neck. Cast off 30 stitches loosely. Knit to end of the round. Turn your work and purl remaining 30 stitches. Continue working back and forth in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) until flap measures 2". Loosely cast off all stitches.
With yarn and darning needle, sew cast on edge closed. With sewing needle and thread, sew one half velcro strip (or non-metal snaps) to purl side of flap and other half velcro strip to corresponding knit side of tube beneath cast off edge.
Prepare filling: In large mixing bowl, combine 1 lb. flaxseeds and your herbal smelly stuff. For every one pound of seeds I add 3 chamomile, 1 raspberry, and 1 peppermint teabag. Repeat for each pound flaxseed. I also add a few drops of lavender oil - imparts a soothing scent.
Fill knee high stocking with seed/tea mixture to correspond with length of knitted tube. You may want to put the toe of the stocking into a coffee cup to hold it in place while you stuff it, smooshing down the mixture. Tie a knot in the top of the stocking (as close to the top of seeds as possible).
Push the filled stocking into the knitted tube being careful of the velcro. Holding the top of the tube and shaking it up and down helps a lot. Close the velcro or snaps and microwave the whole thing for 2-4 minutes on high. (Now you know why you can’t use metal snaps!!)
Other filling possibilities: small smooth stones, beads, etc. Rice filling tends to smell burnt after while. I do not vouch for the ability heat alternative items. It’s best to experiment.