Neck line shaping help please

Hello, so I’ve got to the back neckline in my pattern and I’m confused, can anyone help with the below instructions?
Next row – Cast off 8 [9, 10, 10] sts, K until there are
20 [25, 29, 36] sts on right hand needle, turn and work this
side first.
Next row – P2tog, P to end. 19 [24, 28, 35] sts.
Next row – Cast off 8 [9, 10, 11] sts, K to last 2 sts, K2tog.
10 [14, 17, 23] sts.
Next row – P2tog, P to end.
Cast off rem 9 [13, 16, 22] sts.
Slip centre 47 [47, 49, 49] sts onto a stitch holder With RS
facing rejoin yarn to rem sts, K to end.
Complete to match first side reversing shapings.

I understand the first part, I co then knit some stitches onto the right needle, then turn and work those as it says. Got that bit.
Then I slip the centre stitches onto a stitch holder…

Now I’m lost?

Do i leave those stitches on the stitch holder while I work the rem stitches (in the left needle) as the other side but backwards?

If so what do I then do with the slipped middle stitches on the stitch holder!!??? It doesn’t seem to mention those again

Help x I’ve got this far but google and you tube just don’t seem to have this particular technique on a tutorial

Thanks I hope this makes sense to someone x

Leave those center sts on the holder. When you get to Finishing or Neckband, the pattern should tell you what to do with them.
Yes, work similar shaping on this shoulder and neck decreases as the first shoulder and neck decreases. You’ll start by knitting to the end of the row, turning and working the bind off as given for your size and then continue with decreases and bind offs.
What is the name of the pattern?

Thank you I feel like a Wally yes you’re right in the neckband it says to pick up stitches and then knit the stitches left on the holder x

The pattern is Rowan Millet
by Marie Wallin

I’m not sure what a Wally is but I have a feeling I’ve felt like that a few times myself.

Oh lol a “Wally” is a British term for a very silly person! Aka me, not reading the rest of the pattern!

I do have one more question.
Where it’s asking me to repeat the shaping in reverse the remaining stitches on the LH needle, after having slipped stitches on to a holder.
It says to knit to the end of the row? Then complete shaping as other side but in reverse?? But the other side finishes by casting off on a knit row so what does it mean?
Do I start on a pearl row as if it were the knit row?
I’m confused as I would have just started shaping with out knitting first

Thank you this is a wonderful help site!

Maybe one day I might actually be able to impart some knowledge other than odd Britishisms

Thanks again x

Yes, start the bind off on a purl row. The shaping will necessarily be one row off from the first shoulder but it won’t be noticeable.
Bind off then purl to the end, turn and start the next row with a k26og and continue with shaping.