Neck Help

I’m knitting my first sweater and it went well until I got to the neck. It said to knit x amount of stitches, then BO x amount of stitches, then knit x amount of stitches, so there’s a gap in the middle for the neck, which I did. Now it says to knit and decrease stitches every other row, but I’m confused how to knit across the neck area. Does that make sense? Maybe I’m just being stupid here, but I’m so confused! If I just knit straight across then it connects and the neck doesn’t work. How do I knit it without this happening?

I hope this made sense!

You will need to work off of two balls of yarn. Knit to the neck opening, attach another ball of yarn to the first stitch on the other side and knit across. Then turn and work your way back to the neck opening, drop that yarn and pick up the original yarn and work your way to the other side.