Neck edging help please

I have joined the right shoulder seam on this v neck jumper but I dont understand any of the neck edging, I’m so close to finishing, but this has got me stuck, it a Patons pattern called Sara.

Press lightly following instructions on the ball band.
Join right shoulder seam.

Neck edging
With RS facing and using 3¼mm (US 3) needles, beg at left
front shoulder and taking in one full st along each edge,
pick up and knit 63 [67: 71: 75: 79] sts down left side of
front neck to division for front neck, 63 [67: 71: 75: 79] sts
up right side of front neck, 6 sts down right side of back
neck, 35 [35: 35: 41: 41] sts across back neck, then 6 sts up
left side of back neck. 173 [181: 189: 203: 211] sts.
Cast off knitways on WS.

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You’re to pick up and knit sts along the front edge to the point of the V, up the other front edge and then around the back. The best way to make this easy is to use markers to mark off the edge in halves or in fourths. That will keep you on track to pick up the correct total.
Here’s a how-to video:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply , and thank you for the video, i will take a look now, I was confused because i thought the v neck part was complete, i have not picked up stitches before so here i go lol
Thanks Again