Neck edge

I finally understand the right and left slants on inc and dec. I inc and dec one stitch in from the edge so it is easier to sew up. But I have one question.

When you dec at the neck edge should you dec one stitch in from the edge there too? I make the slants going towards the neck edge. What looks better after picking up sts around the neck for ribbing?

You can decrease those stitches one stitch in, too, if you like. I usually decrease in a direction slanting towards arms. But you don’t have to. And actually, more and more I’m liking decreasing on the neck edge at the very edge instead of one stitch in, especially if I’m going to pick up the stitches and so cover up the decreases. I like this because to me it looks neater, cuz even though you decrease always slanting in one direction, not every row is a decrease row, leaving some rows with slanting stitches and some rows without, and I kinda don’t like this look. But I think the choice is up to you.

I decrease the neck at the very edge since I’d be covering them up when I pick up stitches.

Thank you, I have another question.

When you have to start shaping the neck line it says to join a new ball of yarn. Which is neater, joining on a knit row and BO the centre sts or on a purl row and BO centre sts?