Neck edge finishing tricks?

I’ve completed my first knit project (yippee!) and although it’s very wearable as is, I’m not completely happy with the neck finishing. I used super bulky yarn, giant #19 needles and I THINK what I’m unhappy with is the way the yarn ends are woven in. If I weave them all into the side seam, the seam is too bulky. I chose to weave some into the collar and now there are some denser areas on the collar that are visable when I put the sweater on and it stretches just a bit.
I think I’m also in need of a good finishing book. I’ve seen a few but being new to knitting, I don’t know how to tell a good book from a so-so one. Any recommendations?
Thanks much!

Wiseman’s Knitter’s Guide to Finishing Techniques is a great book.

Something you can try for your weaving in with the bulky yarn is to separate the plies and weave them in separately. This way the entire strand won’t be in the same spot.

Ingrid, thanks so much. I’ve gone back, picked out most of my weave ins and split the yarns as you suggested. It looks TONS better. And Wiseman’s book will be my next book purchase. Thanks again.