Neck down sweater?

I’m on the sleeves on my neck down sweater and pattern says to decrease down til I get to 52 sts and then to do the stockinette stitch after that til it measures 19 inches or however long you want for the sleeve and then do the ribbing.
My question is… I’m at 52 sts. now and the sleeve measures 9 inches. So, I’m going to be doing the stockinette stitch for the next 10 inches with no more decreasing??? It just seems like the decreasing ended too soon.

Do you have the same stitch gauge as the pattern? Figure out how many inches the pattern gauge is over 52 sts and measure your sleeve to see if it’s the same. If yours measures more, then you can decrease again until you get to the same measurement, then knit straight. If you do, then just knit straight. Most arms are pretty much the same diameter from wrist to elbow and 10" sounds like that would cover it. If you do want a more tapered lower sleeve, you can dec a few more sts every 2-3".