Neck border

When knitting a neck border, it always looks horrible where I have picked up the stitches. Can I knit the border separately and then sew the border on ?

Please, if possible, could you make a picture so we know what you think is looking horrible?

I know this is an older post, but I just tried this recently so I thought I would reply.

Yes, you can do this! If you look at the 8th picture in this blog article, you can see what the neckband looks like if you knit it separately and sew it on:

You will see it looks like a row of purl bumps at the base of the rib, but these are formed by the sewing-on process.

I cast on for the neckband and knitted it in the round. When it was deep enough, I switched to scrap yarn in a different colour, and knitted around a few times more and then cast off.

Then I pinned and basted the neckband to my jumper, adjusting it until I was happy. I put the start of the round (yarn tail) to the side or back of the neck.

Finally, I unravelled the scrap yarn carefully around and around until I exposed the first “live” stitch of the band.

Then I backstitched each live stitch down to the main fabric. You work right to left.

Here’s a video from Phildar. Don’t worry that it is in French, just look towards the end to see the backstitching.

(They show the band knitted flat, but I did it in the round – one less seam!)

If you haven’t done backstitching before, practice on a scrap of fabric. The difference is that each time you pierce your knitted fabric, you will be going through the middle of a stitch, either in through the top, or up from under.