Neck band on sweater

I’m in the middle of knitting a sweater. A neck down by knitting pure and simple #991. I"m not at the neck band yet but reading the instructions it says to join yarn and pick up 28 stitches across back of neck. It never called for use a blunt needle to slip any stitches at the neck like it did for the sleeves so how do I pick up any stitches??

I think there will probably be a video on here showing how to pick up stitches, it’s best if you can see it as it makes sense more when you can see it! What you need to do is insert your needle through the first stitch on the right hand side of the top row with the right side facing (back AND front of the stitch if possible, so that you have two strands of yarn over the needle; this makes your picking up more secure) and treat that just like a normal stitch. Wrap the yarn around, pull it through and then you are ready for the next stitch.

You need to work out where you would need to take stitches from to get the 28 stitches evenly across the row. Pick up the next stitch in the same way, and so on.

I just want to make sure there is a way to do it. Sounds like there is. A video would be nice but I also have help days on Wed.'s at my local yarn shop.

Picking up stitches is a way to add stitches around a neckline or armhole for neck/arm bands. You take an end of yarn and pretend your knit piece is the same as the left needle in insert the right needle into a st on the edge and `knit’ it. The video is near the bottom of Tips or Advanced Techniques, can’t remember which at the moment.