Necessary to wash before use?

Hi everyone! This is my first try at this forum and I’m pretty new to knitting so go easy on me.

I just finished my first blanket (and did a little happy dance) for my one year-old cousin. I used washable acrylic yarn. Is it important that I wash it before I give it to her? Or is it alright to wait and have her mom wash it when it gets dirty?

Thanks so much!!!

I usually wash baby stuff before gifting, but I do use a gentle wash cycle and a gentle detergent. I figure with all the time it’s been in my hands and in the air with dust, pet hair, smoke, etc it’s a good idea.

Thank you so much! That’s kind of what I was thinking. Unfortunately, I have to pack the blanket with all of my other hair-covered clothing to take it to her, so I think I’ll try to wash it at the hotel. :slight_smile: Do you usually put your things in the dryer or lay them flat?

With acrylic, dry in the dryer, but just until dry. Washing an FO evens out the sts so it tends to look nicer too.

The only trouble with the hotel is their washers usually aren’t gentle. You could still wash it at home and it will be fine. Maybe it will fit in a ziploc bag? If not any bag or even just covered with tissue or something would be fine.

I usually only lay stuff flat if it’s wool. Since I always use washable yarns for babies and children I usually toss in the dryer. The exception might be a delicate lace pattern that might get caught on something. But that’s never come up for me.

Hi. What a terrific gift. I agree with everyone else, it should be washed. I doubt anything it would get on it after you wash it would be a problem. After washing acrylic yarns I’ve used look and feel nicer.

This is my first try at this forum and I’m pretty new to knitting so go easy on me.

I find that everyone here is really wonderful. My questions get good answers, usually more quickly than I’d expect. You found a great a great forum.