Hi I making a kite as you can see from image below there are slightly messy colour changes. How do i correct this colour change mess instead of starting from scratch. Thanks for your support

The pattern is increasing at the edges but I assume the center sts should stay the same (with a color change). Is that correct?
It looks like you’re not maintaining the color change line up the center. The sts seem to be shifting into either the yellow or green. Maybe a marker at the center line would help?

Your website is down Salman. Anyway I

can see the line in the centre of kite is going straight with duplicate stitches by the way… . Also what type of marker do you mean for colour changes will a stitch marker do the one in the picture

Yes, that’ll work and be a reminder of where to make the color change. What is the name of the pattern?

Fly a kite by dawn Finney

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My first thought is to CO the opposite way and change colors from the bottom up…versus side to side…make sense? (((((((( Happy Holidays!!