Neater cast on?

I just finished a rectangle, which I’ll seam up lengthwise, to make an armwarmer to match a scarf I just made. I moved up from a sz 10 needle to a 10.5 to bind off. My bound off edge has a very neat appearance. It doesn’t cinch in on the sides at all. However, my cast off edge is a couple of inches wider. :mad:

Since my bound off edge looks so great, I can now see that my cast on edge looks rather crappy. :rollseyes: Is there a trick to having a neater cast on edge? :??

It’s a bit too late to do anything about it now, but if the appearance of the cast-on edge is important, there’s this trick. You can do a provisional cast-on, knit your item, bind off, and then go back and put the live stitches on the needle from the first end and bind them off, too. Matching ends!

Ahhhh. :figureditout:

Okay, I knew it was too late for this armwarmer. I’m attempting to stretch the bound off edge (it’s not cooperating very well), and will attempt to cinch in the cast on edge a bit, and hopefully it won’t look too bad once seamed. If it does, I’ll rip it out and redo it, but I’m hoping to avoid it (lazy, I know :rollseyes: ). I’m making it out of Homespun so the texture of yarn does hide less than perfect stitches, and it’s for a 13yo who won’t know good knitting from crappy knitting. Still, if it looks too bad, I will redo it.

I’m glad to know how to avoid this in the future, though! Thanks again for your bottomless pit of wisdom, and willingness to share it, Ingrid. :cheering: