Neat selvages?

I have a book that suggests two things to keep selvages looking neater:

  1. Make the 1st and last stitch on each row a k stitch regardless of the pattern, and;

  2. Knit the first 4-5 stitches on each row loosely and the last 4-5 stitches on each row tighter.

Are these good suggestions? I’m starting a new project and didn’t know whether or not I should try doing these things.

Thanks for anyone’s input!

Here is one way, you always slip the first stitch of each row, and knit the last one.

#1 is garter selvage, aka beaded selvage because it makes decorative little pips along the edges.

#2 will help keep the edges from being too loose regardless of which selvage you use. There are a few variations I’ve seen, including one that suggests tightening the second stitch of the row after putting the right needle through it, but before actually knitting it.

What Gardenmommy is referring to is a chain selvage. There are variations, but they all look pretty similar. Lots of knitters like chain selvages for seaming and picking up stitches, and many think it also makes a nice looking free edge.

And a pattern I was trying out the other day, had you slipping the last st purlwise with the yarn in front, and knitting the first stitch. That also makes a chain edge.