Neat scarf sides

I’m doing lots of scarves and neck warmers as presents. (that’s good 'cos I’m really a beginner!) I’ve learned to slip the first stitch in order to make a really neat side effect. My question is: when you slip the first stitch and then work to the end of the row, does it matter if you finish with a knit or a purl?
I had previously worked in broken rib which finished with a single knit stitch, and this was fine. Then I tried straight k2 p2 rib, finishing with a purl, and the side effect was sort of loopy, so I took it out and went back to broken rib.
What are the side effects of finishing with a purl (couldn’t resist that one).

I know what you mean - I think the main thing is that you do the same every time; doesn’t matter if it is a knit or a purl, but just that every row is the same. If you finish every row with a purl, then slip the first stitch of each row as if to knit. If you finish a row with knit every time, then when you start a row, slip as if to purl. That’s what I do. When I’m doing a seed stitch or something where each row might be different, I have my own rule to purl the last stitch of every row, then I remember. Whatever works for you!


I always slip the first stitch and knit the last stitch, but chj is right, just be consistent whatever you do. :thumbsup:

Hi, I’ve tried the slipping the first stich and knitting to the end selvedge, but the problem is:

I’ve got a very lovely selvedge going on the right edge of my work but on the left side it looks bumpy like I knit it in plain garter. I’m sure this is somethihg to do with the stich orientation. I read somewhere online to knit the last stitch in the row through the back loop, but I haven’t seen that direction in most of the notes I’ve seen on making a selvedge.

I have two questions:

  1. Does anyone know if knitting the last stitch through the back loop will fix this problem?

  2. I’m a perfectionist; is there any way I can go in with a crochet hook or something and change the orientation on the edge that I’ve knit bumpy? So far I’ve only knit 8 rows, but I’ve got 272 stitches on the needle and I’d rather not rip that out, since I already had to do that once so far :slight_smile:

I usually slip the first stitch and knit the last stitch through the back loops. I think of these as selvage stitches, and if need be, I’ll add two stitches to a pattern to accommodate these.

As far as using a crochet hook to fix your edges–well you can drop the stitch off, let it “ladder down” and pick it back up with the crochet hook, but I haven’t really tried doing this on an edge, and I’m not sure how well it would work. I’ve mainly used it to fix twisted stitches or things like that in the middle of my work. Sorry I can’t help you more there.

You can get a plain loop chain if you slip with the yarn in front as if to purl and then knit the end stitch. Both sides will match. Then make sure to move your yarn back if the next stitch is a knit.