Neat free scarf pattern!

I don’t know if you all now that Morehouse Farms has a free pattern every day. This is todays and I think it’s really neat!

I see you know how to post a thread but I haven’t figured that out yet. I just know how to reply Actually don’t know how to find the answer if you do reply:muah:

You have started a thread before…did you forget how? When you go into the forum look to the left above the posts and it says “New Thread”…click that to start a new one.

Are you saying you don’t know how to find your posts after you’ve asked a question? You can subscribe to it so you’ll notified in your email or if you prefer you can subscribe and then go to your user settings (above the add on the left is the link) and it’ll list any replies you’ve gotten to subscribed posts.

OR are you asking how to link to an outside URL? That’s easy, too. Just type in or copy and paste the URL in your post. It automatically links by itself.

Does that help?

Nice site – I love merino wool! I’ll have to keep checking back on that site.

I keep forgetting they have daily free patterns. Wonder why you’d need a rabbit proof scarf though…

:lol: I wondered about that name, too!

Thanks for the link Jan. I didn’t know they had free patterns daily. Oh noes! Now there will be more on my Rav queue. :teehee:

Is Morehouse in Australia? Aussies have massive wild rabbit problems, and the pattern name might be a nod to its resemblance to a rabbit-proof fence (a common item there enclosing grazing land and farms).

I had to go look and it looks like they are in NY. I wondered about the fence, but thought it was still an odd name for a scarf. :lol: