Neat bag but not in my area

lol anyone know of another bag out there that looks like this? I like it cause it can be tied onto a belt loop or something else that might work like this?? :thinking: I could chase the kids and knit :happydance:

Its the Go Knit pouch shows up on the home page but if you click knitting accessories you can see it there too… TIA

Someone in my knitting group had one of those wrist bags…is that what you’re looking for?

oh, oh…it would be easy to make, no? You could knit one or sew it.

OH…one more thing…I just noticed they have it at Knit On! which is one of my favorite LYS. I could call and see if they have one and get the $$$…I’m sure shipping would be pretty low since it’s small and light. I’m going over that way on Wednesday so let me know if you want me to check it out.

Thank you Kemp I just PMed ya!! I really like this one cause it ties onto your belt loop :lol: