Neat 2x2 rib cast on not in the round


I am starting my own design which I hope to enter into a show and would like the neatest edge and start I can get using a 2x2 rib, it is for a jumper or sweater and all I can find is help for in the round instructions or K1 P1 rib.

It is a very competitive show (biggest in Australia) so it has to be really neat and I do very colourful knitting, so the cast on row will not be the same yarn used for the first actual row of rib.

Any useful help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, and welcome to KnittingHelp.

Here are the links to some instructions for 2x2 rib cast-ons that may be of help to you:

Description and PDF for 2x2 alternate cable cast on

Descriptions for tubular and long tail cast ons

Finally, video showing how to do Italian cast on

If you do the Italian cast on my advice would be to do just 2 foundation rows (instead of 4) before doing the row where the stitches are swapped round. Don’t worry about any of the above instructions referring to ‘in the round’ they’ll also work on straight knitting.

Good luck with the show and I hope the finished item turns out to be a winner.

Thanks Julie. I saw the first one but after several wines and all the morons setting off fireworks last night (until 2 am) and tonight (still happening at 1am) stressing out my dog I just couldn’t concentrate on the words very well. I will check out all 3 in the morning and thanks for the luck (I have a year to complete it)

btw lol a guy in my last course has an email addy and a shop called Kurious Klutter here in Sydney