Nearly FO--(totally FO and gifted!)

I knit this Feather and Fan Comfort shawl for my Nana’s upcoming birthday. It’s a smorgasboard of yarn from my bag. There’s some worsted wool, some acrylic, some cotton, and some handspun Chilean wool as wool (beautiful but persnickity to work with).

It was a fun pattern, as to the color scheme…wellll…I really didn’t plan ahead. I just grabbed another ball that looked sorta kinda like it complimented the last and just kept knitting. In retrospect I should have had it planned out–live and learn.

I also did a crochet edging for the first time–never crocheted before. Not so sure about the edging. I’m left-handed and found the crochet movement very awkward. I also may have been crocheting backwards/upside down/inside out…who knows.

ANYWAY–finally–I need your opinions: To Fringe Or Not To Fringe? What do you think? Should I add fringe to the bottom or leave it as is?

PS–not blocked yet. If anyone has advice on repelling some of the dog hair I’d love it. The thing is like a shedding magnet and I want it to be clean. As soon as it’s blocked and cleaned I’m gonna wrap it and seal that sucka!


I wouldn’t fringe it. Sometimes stuff like that gets all tangled up in handbags, canes, etc with elderly people. It looks nice just the way it is and she is going to love it and you for it!


Ooh, good point. I didn’t think of that. Less work for me! :wink:
It’s not the most magnificent thing ever, but I think my nana will appreciate it. She’s a crafter–she makes the most gorgeous handsewn quilts–so she enjoys the idea.

She sends me links to knitting patterns all the time, she’s too cute. And I’m pretty sure some of that yarn came from a bag of goodies she passed on to me. :rofl:

I agree–no fringe–it will cover the lovely scalloped edge too much and it’s just to fussy for the pattern the way it is. I think it’s pretty!

I agree – it’s pretty just the way it is – No fringe needed. I’m sure your Nana will love it!

Hi everyone,
I’m back! I just wanted to post an update since I gave this shawl to my nana this past weekend. I took all of your advice and left it as is, I also blocked it and it made it look much nicer.

My nana just absolutely loved it, I was so happy. I gave a few knitted gifts as presents last year–some scarves, hats and mittens. But you know, most people don’t really care, like or get excited about knitting things in my experience. This was the first time that I gave a handknit item to someone and they truly appreciated it and loved it. My nana is a beautiful quilter and used to knit so she understand what went into it.

Anyway, thanks for your advice to leave it without the fringe. And I’m just so happy that someone appreciated something I made so I wanted to share. I’ll post a pic of her wearing it as soon as I get one :happydance:

Oh how pretty!!! Can’t wait to see a picture of her with it!

That’s so great that she appreciates it so. It’s nice to have something like that to use and think about how much the person who made it for you was thinking of you :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

I’ve been thinking of trying this pattern. I’m uncertain on what type of yarn and what needles to use. The pattern says pretty much anything goes, but I don’t want to make the investment in the yarn without knowing. I’d like it to be super, duper soft. And I kind of want to make it just one color or maybe a variegated color. Any suggestions???

It is great and i too think the fringe would have been a bit to fussy.
I am so glad your nan loved it.

From my experience it takes a knitter to appreciate a knitted gift.

I have made loads of stuff as gifts and many have turned their noses up at them.

But there are the few exceptions that love what i gacve them and that is when it makes it all worth while.

:happydance:It looks wonderful!! She will always cherish that…and know you made it for her…

It’s lovely. I glad your Nana loves it.