Nearly FO: Mini Skull Tote

I just started my second thing!! I started knitting about 2 weeks ago and finished my practice scarf. Now it is on to bigger and better and Useable things…

I am such a genius that I picked out some magenta and blue Wool-Ease yarn by Lion Brand (our local Michael’s is teeming with Lion Brand) and then got home and sat down on the couch and actually read the label… That’s an acrylic blend, folks. Washable and dryable… That will be convenient… Oh, DUH!!!:eyes: That isn’t going to felt.

So back to the store and got rid of the Wool-Ease… I found a nice LYS and got some Lamb’s Pride in purple and yellow and got started. I am amazed at how much nicer it is to work with the Lamb’s Pride. :woot:

OK pictures. And if you look closely, you can see the worlds most 2 helpful doggies in the periphery.

I like your choice of colors! And I love the shape of that bag. It’s going to be really cute. Please post pics when it’s done.

Yes, I agree the colours are striking and rich. Looking good so far!

Very nice!

Those colors look great together. Make sure to post when its completed.

Yay, I am almost finished with the skull tote! :cheering:

The first photo is the finished, unfelted size. I included my checkbook for size reference. The second is a picture of the inside. Ugh! I used 4 bobbins for the yellow color but tried to use only 1 of the main color (the pattern suggested 2 and 1!!). I pulled the strands too tight and the skull part was puckering. :help: I figured the best thing would be to start felting it, and then cut the strands on the back so the motif could spread out. I was just worried I would cut them too soon and the thing would fall apart!

But I think I picked a good time to do it. So the motifs are still a little more puckered than I would like, especially in this one area I showed the closeup of, but… It’s my first bag! :woohoo:

I don’t like the inside (it looks like worms!) so I’m going to try to figure out how to attach a lining. Yikes! My sewing skills are usually limited to buttons, so I hope it goes okay. I am going to give the inside a trim first, and probably shave the whole bag as it is a little hairy. :teehee:

This is a gift for a coworker/ friend. We work the night shift alone together several nights a week and she’s the best! I hope she will like it. :mrgreen:

That looks great! :yay:

So evil, yet so good. I’m sure your co-worker/friend will get a kick out of the bag.

It’s great! Just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day. :wink:

Is there seriously a talk like a pirate day??

Anyways, great job on the tote!!

wow i can’t believe you attempted fair isle for your second project!!! good job! it looks really good!

There is!

I like the one the yellow POPS out from the purple. Looks awesome!! :cheering:

that’s so purty!! good job!!

I’m plannin on doing it soon…but I have to work up the courage to do colorwork…and figure out a way to make the handles longer!