Navajo on spindle?

Has anyone ever tried this? Or is it not even worth trying because it would never work? I have a dilemma…I just absolutely cannot make usable singles, and though I could probably spring for a wheel, we live in a TIIINY apartment and I would have no where to put it. I want to ply my yarn to even it out a bit, but it seems such a pain to spin two balls, then ply them together.

It’s actually not much of a pain to spin two spindles full and ply them together :shrug: …you just put the yarn on tp rolls, punch some holes in a box (or use a basket) and put skewers through – voila! instant lazy kate!

Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about: Lazy Zib (scroll down)

I’ve done a fair amount of navajo plying with my spindles, and after the first time (which was very frustrating and I swore I’d never do it again :wink: ) it wasn’t as cumbersome at all. The thing about navajo plying is, you lose 2/3 of your yardage (vs. half when you do a 2-ply). It looks so fabulous though! :thumbsup:

I just ran across this link while looking for info on navajo plying myself. Instructions on doing it with a spindle: