Natural Yarn-Any suggestions?

My sister is very committed to using natural products, especially organic ones. She made a request that anything I make her be using the most natural and earth-friendly dying and treating techniques. Does anyone have any suggestions for good yarns fitting this request?

Thanks in advance!

I just googled organic yarns and found the following sites:

and there were plenty more where those came from!

I found the first two links but not the third through google. Has anyone used any natural yarns specifically? I’d love to hear accounts of how they worked up.

I’ve knit with Pakucho organic cotton – it’s grown in different colors instead of dyed :smiley: …it was really nice to work with, as far as cottons go. I haven’t knit with Blue Sky organic cotton, but I have felt it and it is soooooo soft. :heart: Henry’s Attic Inca Cotton is similar, and I found that really nice to work with as well.

I’ve not knit with organic wool but I’ve heard good things about O-Wool and Treliske organic wool.

I used the Blue Sky Organic Cotton to make a french market bag - loved the yarn and I really liked how it turned out.

I used eco-wool for a felted bag and it was amazing.

Kind of local (upstate NY) - with really really nice lambswool - Tassawassa Ridge Fiber Farm & Wildlife Sanctuary (518)766-5713.

have you thought about getting her a book or classes on natural dyeing?
I think I’m trying that next. once I find out where to get the plants…

I saw these too:
Natick Community Organic Farm

Sweet Woodruff Farm
225 Lincoln Rd.
(978) 249-9231

Moon In The Pond Organic Farm
certified by NOFA?

I liked the eco wool too. it is surprisingly soft for it being pure wool.

i also really have enjoyed the southwest trading company’s karaoke which is soy and wool and super soft and durable with amazing colorways and lovely to work with.

I think the kind of products you want are likely to be produced by smaller companies rather than large ones like Knitpicks etc. It might be worth looking into smaller local companies - even if they have fewer colours, you could dye them yourself. Kool-Aid is eco-friendly right? There’s a long thread on Craftster/Knitting/FO - a sticky I think - about dyeing your own wool at home, not to mention Googling tutorials (I love Eunny’s on self-striping!).


I will look into all of these. I am not that far from Natick so I might check that farm out! I really appreciate it.

O-Wool Worsted Weight Organic is a great yarn to knit with. It becomes softer as you knit and has great stitch definition. Nature’s Palette also has an organic wool with 15% mohair added. Pakucho Organic Cotton is very soft and the colors are not dyed, they grow that way. When you wash the Pakucho the colors do not fade.


Here’s a site with some info:

I :heart: Cascade Eco-wool. I think Little Knits is having a sale on it too - you might want to check it out.