Natural undyed worsted wool yarn 3 ply SOLD!

SOLD! I need to sell beautiful 100% wool yarn, worsted, 50% New Zealand and 50% domestic american wool blend. All natural undyed color, off-white, very beautiful, 2 ply twisted nicely and then 3 ply together, pliable. 700 yards per pound. It was spun for me on special order on Kraemer textiles, I am in the search for needlepoint yarn for my kits. I was very pleased, it is very beautiful yarn, but still not soft enough for needlepoint what I have in mind. My friend weaver told me that it is great for knitting, crochet, felting and weaving. I will sell it at wholesale price that I paid for it to the mill, just to recover the expenses and to order to spin a new sample. $8.00 per pound plus actual shipping cost. It was 50lb minimum custom order, I just got it 3 days ago.
Email me at . I sell also on ebay under ID yardtreecom . My online store , you can check what other stuff I have. I will be adding a whole section of JaggerSpun yarn inventory today and tomorrow. I accept offers and ship free to US address.
Thank you for your support! Kind regards, Lena

Hi, just wanted to let ya know I sent you an email about the wool :wink:

I did also. :slight_smile: