Natty Ponchette

I borrowed a store-bought version of this mini poncho from a friend and made one up for myself. It is made with Crystal Palace Labrador, which is a thick/thin yarn. I decided that it needed to be slightly felted, so I did an experiment that worked but made a mess of my dryer. :wall:

I love how the fringe felted–it looks like natty dreadlocks!! :smiley:

Very cute! Thanks for showing your face too. Every one cuts off their haids in these pics and it’s kinda creepy!

How pretty! It’s nice colors for fall, too!

I thought for a brief second the title said “nasty” and I didn’t think it was nasty at all! :rofl: It’s very nice!

Lovely! It looks great on you :cheering:

I thought the same thing :shrug:

It is so pretty I love the tassels too! Lovely warm colour.

Well Done.

:hug: Sharon

Oh! I love how that yarn knits up. Very pretty!!

How beautiful! I love the colors and I think the felting was a great touch! It looks fantastic on you!

It looks wonderful on you! The color combination is perfect!

:heart: love love love it :cheering: