National Yarn Craft groups or societies

I am new to knitting and love it so far.

At what point in the hobby would it be best to join a group or society? I already meet with a friend to knit. When do YOU suggest it is best to join a group?


I think getting together with other knitters is always fun and encouraging no matter how long you’ve been knitting. Everyone remembers what it was like starting out so even experienced knitters are usually very patient with beginners. A group at the yarn store or a local group that meets at the community center, a library or a cafe is a good way to practice and learn.
Take a look at the goals for a national group of crafters and see if it suits you, then give it a try.

Yes, you can check into local knitting groups–sometimes at a yarn shop, library, or through a Yahoo search for local groups. Usually everyone is welcome, regardless of experience.

Yarn shops are a good source. My yarn store has group “classes” 3 times a week. Costs $10 per session, but well worth it especially if you are stuck on something or starting a new project. The only caveat that my store has is you need to buy your yarn from them. A friend of mine, who is a librarian, also has a group that meets in the library where she works.

I’m not sure what type of group you’re talking about. Do you mean an “official” one or what??

I like the informal type when I get together with friends. We have “Show and Tells” and encourage each other with our projects AND have snacks!


There’s the Craft Yarn Council, which may have memberships, but there’s no local chapters or anything. Yarn stores often hold local knit togethers weekly, or some groups meet in libraries or coffee houses. But there’s no real national organization where people meet locally. The exception may be Stitch n Bitch groups, and if you go to the site there may be one near you.

I belong to the Knitting Guild of America. They put out lots of information, many towns have guild meetings and they have an organized structure, if you want it, for studying knitting up to the Master level. The magazine is also great-lots of patterns.

Every Friday night I go to my LYS for social knitting. We just sit, knit and chat. It’s not a class and there isn’t a teacher, but if someone needs a little help we do. And of course walk around the store and pet all the pretty yarns and shop.