National Geographic's Top Ten Photos

I have always loved National Geographic, so I thought I’d share their top ten most viewed photos of 2008.

Oh man, the “Snowstorm Leopard” and volcano pics are just amazing!!

I want to know how the “deadlock” finished…Go Frog!

I was wondering that too! And how long they actually ended up being deadlocked. :slight_smile:

And that volcano pic is amazing. I just love their website–they have tons of amazing pictures and interesting articles. I thought the one about the uncontacted tribe was really fascinating.

Thanks for sharing the link. I’ve recently gotten into photography (fighting the urge to develop the habit more fully), so I’m especially appreciative of these.

The Amazon tribesmen photo was incredible! Kind of scary, but so neat!

You really should look around their site. There are so many amazing photographs.

I was looking through their videos today, and I came across this video of a baby chimpanzee.

But I feel it’s necessary to warn you–you may DIE from the cuteness!

I’ve always been so impressed with NatGeo’s photography. One of my favorite photos of all time was a cover shot taken many years ago - a dark skinned beauty with haunting blue eyes, wrapped in a beautiful shawl. So stunning.

Here’s a follow-up story about her: Afghan Girl

yeeks! the years were not kind, but I guess that just points to the fact that life in that part of the world is very hard.