Nascar? Buttons page 3 :)

Does anyone else knit/crochet to nascar?

The race is on tonight…

I’m a huge Tony Stewart fan…

Haha yeah… I know… I’m a nerd… :smiley:

Anyone else?

Got it on the TV right now. It a good time to knit, but I’m so busy with classes right now that I can’t take advantage of it.

Oh, and we’ll have to be enemies…I’m a Jeff Gordon/Jimmie Johnson fan. :thumbsup:

I’m not going there… :stuck_out_tongue:


What, no cat-fight? Trust me, I can handle it. :whistle:

Oh, I totally knit and listen to the race on the TV.

My racer is Dale Jr. - don’t diss me, I was a fan waybackwhen!!!

Awwww, he’ll be joining my guys soon. You’re a-okay. :teehee:

I’m just a sucker for tony… I’ve been a fan since he started forever ago… that and he’s kinda cute :slight_smile:



Yes, thank the lord, he will have a better owner than the one he has now …

(can’t stand evil greedy stepmothers) …


I’d be willing to bet that he’s counting the hours. Gordon and Johnson will appreciate the fan support that DE will bring too. Next season is gonna be fun! Look out Tony…here we come! :out:

See, I am totally going against the girly grain here … if I were to be a fan of a driver strictly based on his looks, I would go with Jimmy Johnson. I don’t even think Dale jr. is all that cute, and he’s my guy.

Gotta agree with you there…Johnson wins on looks over DE or TS. Hands down.

Course I watch for the strategy. :wink:

Nah… i’ve always had my heart set on Tony… I think it’s the whole bad boy thing :smiley:

I’ve been a Jeffy-poo fan since High School :oops: But I LOVE Kenny Wallace. :teehee: He is so funny. Can’t stand the Busch boys. :!!!:

I do knit and listen to the race.


[B]N[/B]ational [B]A[/B]uto [B]S[/B]port [B]C[/B]entered [B]A[/B]round [B]R[/B]ednecks

Kasey Kahne fan here! The Husband’s a DJ fan. Tony’s second on both our lists. Junior is probably 3rd. We’re not Jeffie fans, although his sister is.

We got to go Bristol on Sat., & had a great time! My SIL gave us her tickets (she’s not a night person, & the race ends too late for her, although she did take her son to the Busch race on Fri.). I brought some knitting to the track, and actually got a bit done before the race started.

Ok … I just found this and am so excited to have some fellow Nascar knitters! … (note my screen name :yay:)

If it weren’t for Nascar & Speed channel - I would never get any knitting done :whoosh:

We are big time Nascar folk. My husband = bad boy Tony S. Me = Kevin Harvick … (watch out Juan Pablo)

My husband was FORCED to pick and stick… as he was 1st a Ward Burton fan (and then what happens…Ward won the Daytona) then he went with Kenseth and then Tony… It is all about the sponsors and CHEVY.

Then we went to Infineon and I told him had to pick one and STICK with him… and it ended up Tony… and now I get to to hear all about it on a weekly basis :tap:

I have only been to 2 races live, both at Infineon - it was awesome! We moved to Texas in 2005 and have yet to go to TMS but we have it in our sights for Nov. Everyone says it is such a traffic nightmare that it has spooked us. I hear the best way to do it is with a package and take a bus in.

We were teased for a long time about watching but since many family members keep one eye on the races - it is a long distance connection to us (those we left behind in Cali).

[B]So here’s a question … has anyone made any Nascar related items? would love to hear and see them!![/B]

[B]hmmm [/B]

[B]Boogity boogity knitters…[/B]

Living in Charlotte, it’s hard NOT to be a fan. (though I was one before moving here) :wink:

Never knitting anything Nascar related.


I want to come to NC and take a tour of some the shops. I have a friend that moved to Denver, NC and he DISPISES Nascar … I said he better be careful , he might find a checkered flag burned into his lawn if the locals ever hear him :slight_smile:

My neighbors daughter just moved back to Houston from Mooresville. She went in hopes of working for one of the race teams … but after 2 years was not able to break in … so she is back home. She was able to see/meet a few of the drivers and team as she worked for Enterprise. And many times just at the local airport she would see some of the “guys”.

Have a good one…

For whatever reason the sound of Nascar races just make me drop off. I can only take like 15 minutes before I fall fast asleep. :passedout: