Nantucket Brocade Sweater

Good Morning,
My first post. I decided to pick up a project (Nan.Brocade) that I started about 10 years ago. I had already finished the back and both sleeves and halfway up the front. Now I find myself (embarrassedly)completely lost as to how to bind off one stitch at the beginning of the next 12 rows while maintaining the pattern. How the heck did I do it before? I’m at a loss. I must’ve pulled it out at least 10 times. Every time I bind off, my pattern is not aligned. I’m thinking it’s a counting problem. Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong? This is a Kristin Nicholas pattern. Thanks so much in advance! Dona

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The best way to solve this problem is to “read” your knitting. Look at the pattern you’ve established so far and figure out how to start the row so that the pattern continues.
If you want to continue with the written pattern rows, then you should subtract a stitch at the beginning of the row for every decrease. So that if the row starts: k2, p4, k1, you figure that you’ve used up the first 2sts doing the bind off and are then up to the p4.
Your sweater is beautiful and it’s so good that you’ve taken it out to finish knitting.

Dear Salmonmac,
Thank you very much for your help and your compliment. It means a lot to me to hear that since it would be much easier starting a brand new pattern with “fresh” yarn than picking up something this old! I hope it’s still in style!
I do understand what you are saying. There were rows that I thought I was doing just what you are implying…then, the next row I think I subtracted one too many. I’ll try it again…
I’ll post a pic when it’s finally finished. Hopefully it won’t take me 10 years to seam it!
Thanks again!