Nantucket Brocade Sweater: 10 years in the making and counting!

Just wanted to post a pic of my “nightmare” sweater. One of those projects that sits in your plastic container for years then you find it years later. The guilt was too much for me. I have to finish it. So, here it is. Ready to be seamed….YUCK! This is the part that I procrastinate with. I just hope I don’t fold it up and put it back into the container.
Many thanks to Salmonmac and Grumpy Gramma for their wonderful advice. They are the reason I was able to finish it!:x:

bet you’re regretting the “lost years” when someone could have been wearing that! :smiley:

its beautiful. its amazing how classic knitting is timeless and ALWAYS fashionable.
is it for you? or someone you love?

Hi Knitonepurrtwo, YES! I am sorry that I waited so long. You are so right. Knitting is timeless. This project is proof. I think it’s still in style. I just worried about the quality of the yarn/fabric not holding up, yellowing, etc. So far, so good. It was kept in an airtight container. I’ve started seaming. I’m going to begin to set in the sleeves. This sweater was suppose to be for me but then again that was 10 years ago! If I can squeeze myself into it, great! If not, I’ll be looking for someone! Thanks so much for your compliments. So much appreciated!

That’s beautiful, your knitting is lovely. I don’t think that could truly go out of style. You or someone should enjoy wearing it so DO FINISH and share the pics so we can really ooh and aah. :thumbsup:

PS I helped? Cool. I’m glad.

Oh, well done! I’m happy to see this sweater finished and looking fantastic. Now on to the seaming while it’s out of the container.

ahhh, seaming.

I finished the neck band of my infamous green sweater, now to stitch up the sides and start the sleeves.

If I finish first, do I get a prize? :woot: :woohoo: :yay:

Grumpy Gramma & Salmon Mac, I’m seaming before I put it back…you should see how I seam. I do a few stitches. Put it down. Do a few more stitches. Put it down. I should finish, maybe, 2018? lol. Seriously, I’ll post a pic when it’s done. The funny thing is that I already have another project that I’ve wanted to start but I REFUSE to begin cast on until this thing is DONE!

LOL! I’m with ya! We’re probably seaming the same things at the same time! About your prize…I know. I feel like we should get something more than just the sweaters that will be on our backs! lol….

snork. It could be run like a tontine, where the last surviving member of the group inherits all the sweaters. Or the yarn.

lol…yeah, it worked for a while back in the 17th and 18th century! If I survive, I’d take the yarn!

Beautiful top! :heart:

[B]Excellent point[/B] “I REFUSE to begin cast on until this thing is DONE!”

I never allow myself to start a new project until the one I’m working on is completely done.

I look forward to seeing a picture of your finished top when someone is actually wearing it. Knitted clothes always look better when they’re actually [I]on [/I]someone.