Nana's Blog, Please feel free to post in it!


That’s really nice! Would probably work very well for a office!


Good grief, GG, that sounds like one crazy computer-generated message. It’s certainly not reflective of the spirit of this forum. Just file it where it belongs, in the trash, and keep on posting. Jan has let @Sheldon know and I’m sure he’ll be able to squelch this at the source.
@GrumpyGramma, one of the things I like about the forum is that, at least on the computer I’m using now, the replies are saved as they are generated. For now, no more losing replies because of computer or operator (mostly operator) glitches.


Wow, @Nanaof6, that is a lovely shrug! Such rich colors and so practical too. Your daughter looks beautiful in it and delighted with it.


I am sorry that message came up as you were posting. It definitely does not represent our feelings here at KH. We would never tell anyone to get lost. The forum software we use was not developed by us and we have attempted to set it up in a way that fits the open and accepting community that we aspire to here at KH. However, there may be some auto-generated prompts, such as this one, which are pedantic and asinine and don’t fit the narrative of the KH community. Bringing them to our attention is ideal as we can nip them in the bud. The one you encountered has been sent to the digital graveyard.

Thank you,



Thanks, Sheldon!


Thanks Sheldon ! That is so good to know, I wouldn’t want GG to stop posting especially in my blog . She’s been a huge help to me and I respect her opinions and thoughts. I haven’t been a regular here but I do love KH , it has been a valuable learning tool in my knitting and crocheting journey and I have met so really awesome people here. I must say I am not thrilled with the new KH site but I understand why changes were made and I will eventually learn to maneuver through it .


Thank you all ! She loves it, so much that she wants me to make more to bring to N.C in spring for the Southern Pines Craft Fair . I don’t know if you can see it but I tried a different stitch pattern called a Rib & Welt which gave it a nice textured look .


Yes. We really like to encourage people to post, participate and ask questions. So anything that stands counter to that really isn’t productive.

It took me a little while to get used to the new forum. It’s not easy to learn a new system. But we had to bring the forum into the modern mobile and iPhone age, not to mention the fact that a lot of people couldn’t register on the old forum due to the spam controls we had to implement. Now that I have been using the forum for a while I really like it and I find myself checking in several times a day. I like that I can easily keep up with things, get emails, and can read and post from my iPhone. Hang in there. With time you won’t find yourself missing the old forum. :grinning:


That’s very pretty! How nice that she likes it so much!


So sorry about that lame automated message, GG. I hope you know we value your voice and participation!

@Nanaof6 that’s beautiful! Nice stitch pattern, it caught my eye right away in that second photo. It looks great with the striped yarn–there is so much interest and texture!


WOW! I haven’t been here in some time and I am confused. It took me a minute to even find my Blog here LOL I’m 65 now and change is not one of my fortes . Plus at my age I only use my cell phone for texting and calls , anything else is lost on me.


Good to hear from you again, my friend. It’s been too long.


Thank you ! Things look so different now. I’m finding it frustrating trying to my friends blogs . what am I missing ?


This is my nightmare project , I’ve been working on it off and on now for a second year now. It’s called the Fitzgerald Sweater .


22365293_10214625035846047_7927726336019024373_n this is the front left panel that is giving me fits.


this is what I am hoping for when I am done.


22310588_10212683071065345_8600095953064118014_n Made this shawl for my sweet daughter.




22449968_10212683069465305_3546285967555221820_n I knitted her an Einstein Coat for when she come up home to Ohio winters LOL


Wow and wow! No wonder you haven’t had time for blogging. The coat and shawl are so lovely and they look fantastic on your daughter.
The Fitzgerald sweater is going to be spectacular. It’s worth all the time and effort.