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Qiviut Yarn :noway: do you have any idea what you have done to the section in my brain dedicated to yarn . I now can only think of Muskox yarns and it’s all your fault , all because I had to google the word Qiviut and saw what I was missing …Thank You !!


:angelgrin: I aim to please.


[B]One of the tank tops I want to knit

[B][COLOR=#cc3366]Ombre Tank[/COLOR][/B]

[I]By Mona Schmidt for Espace Tricot[/I]
Knit with [I][B]Habu Textiles[/B][/I] Tsumugi Silk (100% silk) our [B]Ombre Tank[/B] is perfect for hot summer days. If you can’t wait, layer it with a tee and you’re set for spring! We used the same technique as the Ombre cowl to achieve the gradation of colours. The fabric is crisp yet soft and supple at the same time and the A-line shaping is very flattering on most body types. Lower body is knit in the round and front and back neckline are kept the same – an easy knit with minimal finishing work


Wow, it’s been a year since I’ve posted in my blog :thud: I was just reading my first post and realized I’ve come a long way with my knitting skills since 2007. I’ve not become a talented knitter but I have learn to push myself to knit pieces I never would have dreamed of knitting years ago , and it’s true frogging is good for learning mistakes . I’ve even learn to fix some mistakes without frogging. Since 2007 I have been able to teach two other people to knit. When someone shows an interest in knitting I always tell them I will teach them enough to get them started . I would love to get to a level where I could teach others but I am still a student myself . Still so much to learn and push myself to do. I tried miserable to knit a reversible double knitted dishcloth. Came close but not being able to read charts hindered me . So , working on learning to read charts now. Still want to learn Intarsia ,Fair Isle and Entrelac . I have been teaching myself through books and youtube to crochet and I am loving it almost as much as knitting. The last 9 years have been gratifying for me as far as learning to knit . It has become a passion , a love of working with my hands and making a wearable garment . I am thankful for learning this craft and want so much to pass my passion on to someone else.


Hi Nana! Nice to see you! How are you doing?


I’m doing well thank you. Sometimes I forget all of the knitting sites I am in and get lost in my knitting . But I’m still here. It’s good to hear from you again. Finally figured out who you are . I’m old so please forgive me I forget to much lately so I have to save my brain cells for my knitting LOL


Haha! :teehee: No need to apologize! I’m just one of multiple moderators we’ve had over the years. I think I’m the longest to stick around though. :wink: What are you working on? I’m making some striped balls for kids right now. A few friends had babies and I thought along with baby gifts I’d make something for the slightly older boys (all boys in this case).


Good to see you back, Nana! Fun to look back on older posts. It’s so gratifying to be able to see progress in anything, especially in knitting. Yes, I’m sure you’ve been able to do things better now. I know I feel that way too.
Also good that you’re teaching others. It’s wonderful to be able to teach and pass on lots of what you’ve learned.
I think we always feel that we’re still learning and that’s good. There’s so much new to learn and improve on.


You’ve come along way, baby! My big, recent accomplishment is learning a cast on for working in the round, flat, from the center. I’d about despaired of ever getting one to work. It does feel good to look back and see what we’ve accomplished.

ETA I just noticed my Join Date here. July 2011. That’s when I started knitting. At that point about all I knew was how to make knits and purls. I’ve made sox, sweaters, hats, gloves with fingers !!! and now I’m working in the round on a square baby blanket started in the middle.


I saw the ones you made , I think you posted them on FB maybe ? Black and white , yes ? Very nice and such a good idea :thumbsup:

Right now I am jumping back and forth knitting a Fitzgerald Sweater for my husband and it’s giving me fits with the decrease that go into the cable pattern. I have the back done and I’m working on the left front panel now. When I need a break I go to my crocheting . I just crocheted a handbag for my daughter’s birthday .


Thank you, the biggest thing that I have learn is , it’s only yarn and it will not defeat me . I have learn to use a lifeline and I have no problem when it comes to frogging back . My knitting instructor once told me that great knitters learn from their mistakes and get better with time. Now I’m not saying I’m a great knitter but I make some nice things and my daughter loves everything I make her , but my instructor was right, I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes and now I look at my mistakes as a learning challenge…what did I do wrong and how do I fix it :x:


That’s the best attitude to take. Not everything turns out as we might imagine it will but if we can learn why not, that’s a big step forward. It only gets better.


I am so in awe of you GG , you can knit without patterns , make up your own ideas , alter a pattern . I always thought of you as a well seasoned knitter :notworthy: , you’ve helped me out many times my knitting friend :hug:


I have major problems with patterns. I get lost. For me I have to figure out how to do it with little assistance from a pattern. I envy those who can actually use patterns. We each figure out our ways of doing things. That’s all. One isn’t better than the other, it’s just a matter of what works for each person.

Your knitting leaves me in awe. My GD’s bff knits. Her knitting leaves me in awe. I do OK but I’d never take a blue ribbon.


Well, I’m not liking this new KH . Don’t know where things are now, I don’t do well with change LOL


Hi Nanaof6, good to hear from you. Click around, try different buttons and I think you’ll get more comfortable. If you click on Categories at the top, you’ll see a more familiar listing of the different forums.
One thing I especially like about the new KH is that I don’t lose posts in the middle of composing them. I seemed to have had that happen on the older version and it was so annoying.


It takes some getting used to, but I like it a lot now.

Forums are called categories in this software, but they are the same as before.
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I figured out a couple of things. I right click and then open a thread in a new tab and leave the forum listing open. If I forget and click a link when I’m writing a message I lose the message unless I right click and open in a new tab. :disappointed_relieved: Irritating and annoying but I guess it’s intended to make it better for those who use phones and tablets. I like my laptop and hate doing things on my phone so I guess I put up with it or don’t bother. And now I get this, if I can figure out how to attach a screenshot. Maybe that’s a nice way of telling me to get lost.


Well… that’s unacceptable. I’m going to ask about it.


Trying to see if I can post a photo. Still having a hard time finding my way around the new forum . I knitted this for my daughter , she wanted something for work because the A/C is always on . It’s three in one , a shrug, a wrap , or a scarf .