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Awwwshucks , I could use something good happening !


Something good couldn’t happen for a nicer person than you!


This video is very intense and I only wish it could go viral for the world to see .


That video is something isn’t it? I passed it on my FB page yesterday… I was hoping people would share it, but no…

I got my ball winder Monday… It is a lot better quality than my old one…


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty towards animals , and they have a commercial that airs on TV late at night , I really wish the above video could get some air time on TV as well.

I know of people that have done this to their pets and it burns my arse to think someone would think it’s ok to abandon an animal to fen for themselves because they have lost interest in the cute fluffy adorable animal they picked to bring home as their family pet or in a lot of cases I see , they are renters and with each move they find places where the landlords do not allow pets so they throw away their pet so they can move . If you can’t make a lifetime commitment to an animal then walk away and let someone that knows they can take and give the animal a ‘forever home’ .

Glad your winder finally came !


I used to run a horse rescue.

I could tell you a horror story or two. It absolutely stuns me, what some people think is ok to do. sick. and sad.

and you really can’t help or change them.


I’ve watched some shows on horse rescues ,horrible . People start out with the best intentions but I’ll never understand how people can be so dam cruel to animals . Makes me sick . I found a very very sick abandoned dog at work a few years ago. I got with our local animal rescue here Love-a-Stray , they came and got the poor thing . The lady called me the next day and told me if I hadn’t found him he would more then likely been dead by the morning. I work at an Elementary school and I started a fund raiser for Gordon (the name I gave him) because he needed medical attention for broken bones, malnutrition, mange and massive weight loss. The vet said he was about 10 or 11 yrs of age and the odds of him pulling through were not good. He was a Gordon Setter but because of the neglect and poor health issues , you would never have know that.

We managed to raise a good amount of money for his vet bills and Gordon even made an appearance at the school to thank the children , but his poor body was in pain and the kids could not touch him . He spent probably the best time of his life in the loving home of a wonderful foster mom for about 3 months until sadly Gordon could not over come all of his health problems and passed peacefully with his new found friend , one of the foster mom’s other dog , laying by his side.


RIP Gordon.


I cannot understand cruelty either…nor can I understand a lot of things in this world: Abuse, rape, vandalism, pedophiles, the list goes on and on and on…


Same here Lori , so many things I just can’t wrap my brain around .


How’s your crochet been treating you? Did you decide you like it and will be a part time hooker like me? :wink: A spam post popped up an old thread where we talked about crocheting and I had to come ask. I do know you’ve been on a dk trip.

I think you’d posted sometime back that your Mr. had to go to the ER. How’s he doing?


use me as a referral , I can send you my email


Finished the second Spring ~ Summer Lace Wrap. I used Araucania Aysen Yarn Aran / 10 ply (8 wpi) 191 yards (175 meters)70% Merino,20% Alpaca,10% Silk Colors are Grays,Browns,Whites. This is a very lightweight /fingerweight yarn and extremely soft . a super nice yarn to knit with !

The first wrap is knitted with a Mohair yarn that I had in my yarn stash . Both Wraps are for my wonderful Daughter .


Sorry GG it took me so long to respond . I’ve been working days for the last month and knitting on my daughter’s Wraps so I’d have then done in time to take with me on my flight down to N.C June 8th :woot: A very much needed vacation ! I really should have started my diet much sooner , only lost 5 pounds in a month :tap: and now she wants me to bring a swimsuit :noway: I look like sausage and potatoes in a burlp sack . This is going to be a :clink::balloons::present::passedout: vacation !!! Maybe with a few drinks in me I won’t care about not losing any weight :rofl:

Hubby was in the ER but it wasn’t his heart like we feared. They did a follow up and found it was pain in his arm and shoulder because of a abnormality they found in his neck on the xrays. They think it is a compression issue in his neck . He’s doing much better now ,thank you for asking about him .


So luciously lovely. You really do beautiful work.


Just got my Birthday gift from my wonderful and supportive husband , 27 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn in medium blues and dark greens ,enough of each to knit up a few summer tops:woohoo: my work is never done :rofl:


How wonderfully lovely! I look forward to FO pics.

I’ll send you a sympathy card when postage rates go down. :wink: What would life be without The Stash and yet another project to look forward to?


so sorry to read about your husband.
Can I get in line for him when you’re done? any guy who buys a woman WOOL is worth his weight in quviut. or however the heck you spell it.


Had to Google quviut, seems its a very sought after fiber pronounced “kiv-ee-ute”) and you almost had it right it’s Qiviut.