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I am going on a very much needed vacation this June and I can’t wait :woohoo: . I’m flying to N.C to my daughters for three weeks and she has an awesome schedule of events for us , picnics at the ocean, antique shopping , outdoor concerts, hiking , fine dining , pubs, graduation party :woot: and the best is a weekend stay at the Biltmore Estate Inn :thud:. I am really nerves about staying at the Biltmore after watching the link she sent me . I don’t do fancy dressing , jeans and t-shirts are more my style. I don’t ever glam up . I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb.


how cool! my uncle (mom’s ‘little’ brother) is staying with us through tuesday. his family live in the raleigh area (apex, cary, fuquay varina, etc.). they took my parents to biltmore and the smokey mountains when they visited about 3 years ago. he keeps trying to get me out for a visit.


Enjoy! Play the part of the eccentric woman who doesn’t feel the need to conform. :teehee: Hey, that might work! I think you’ll have a really good time.


That’s what my son said :rofl: . From talking to some co-workers that have been there , there is a dress code for dining in the restaurant . I’m frantically dieting from now until I leave ,in hopes of fitting into one of my dresses that I rarely wear. May need to just break down and go shopping for a nice dress :hair:I know because I’m a woman that thought should thrill me but I hate trying clothes on when I’m over weight . The mirrors and lights taunt me and humiliate me into shame for years of not caring anymore about my weight until now. They should call it the Room of Shame and not the Changing room.


I hate trying on clothes. I don’t like getting dressed up. When DD took me to Seattle to see Cats she brought me clothes to wear.


I feel so out of place trying to be something I’m not .


Who cares what others think, be you and be positive about yourself…none of us look like we did in our 20’s.

Enjoy your family and holiday, have a great time.


Absolutely! You’re a wonderful person and it seems your daughter is determined to see that you get a little luxury. You’re worth it.


Lori, have you seen Sockmatician? He does double knitting , maybe your the one that got me hooked on him :shrug: He’s on Ravelry . Maybe he could give you an idea on knitting a Double Knitted sole onto socks?


his 3rd podcast video just loaded today/yesterday… he’s beardless now, if that influences your watching habits… :wink:


I like a man with a nice beard myself.


No mr X introduced you to him…He and I chat regularly with PM’s. I have listened to his podcasts. He would not be able to assist me, he is still developing his DKing skills. He is an actor and able to communicate extremely well and does so in his videos and podcast. This is all I will say publically…


Lori, :woohoo: :woot: My ball winder came today ! Can’t wait to use it. Did you get yours ?


Not yet, but I am in CAnada, prob next week…


It’s worth the wait ! I may never use my other winder again.


finished one of my wraps for my daughter.


How yummy. I think I should have one, must find the right yarn.


I was just looking at your projects. Where is the pattern for the Tomten jacket available? That one might actually persuade me to part with real, actual $$. I think I might actually use it.


keep scrolling down till you come to Tomten Coat/Jacket . It’s $10 for the pattern.

I have all of Elizabeth Zimmermans knitting books and I found the pattern in one of her books.