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That was my first response to it but it was there so I was determined to get it. I did and now it really is not bad at all. I got to show it to someone else last night. Her expession was priceless. :noway:


justplaincharlotte got back with me . When things slow down for her she’s going to help me out . Just thought you might want to know. I don’t want to share what is going on because I don’t know if she would approve if I posted it . But she could really use some prayers right now .

Thanks for suggesting her GG.


lori, i’m sure you’ve got a whole cadre of supporters, but i wanted to throw my kudos and best wishes your way too. this coming july, i’ll be smoke-free for 10 years, and even though i ‘only’ smoked for about 12 years, it was incredibly hard to finally quit. i’ve seen experts say it takes 7 committed tries, on average. i was lucky that after some 24-, 48- and even 72-hr quits, a week long quit, and even a 6-month quit over the years, i was finally able to kick it for good, july through september of 2005. i ended up using the patches. because by the end i usually smoked lights or ultra-lights, and maybe half a pack a day, i didn’t start with the highest dosage patches. instead i started with the middle dose and did them for an extra week (7 total) before switching over to the lowest dose, and did those for an extra week as well. i was moody, i was irritable, i used all sorts of foul language (wait, am i talking about 2005 or last week?) but i did it, and it’s one of the few big things i really count as positive accomplishments in my life. 45 days is incredible and i wish you all the best going forward! :wink:


Like GG(the Brat) and you have said, one day at a time.

I really appreciate your sharing your story, we all have mountains to climb, but sometimes we get to the top differently…it is not how we do it, it is DOING IT! Thank you for sharing! I think the thing that scares me the most is so many people have said to me .“that they wouldn’t dare have just one cigarette” after 5,10,15 years that they would be hooked again… THAT IS A SCARY THOUGHT FOR ME!!! How can that cigarette be so powerful?


Just know that you’re not alone in your struggle . We all have struggles and burdens to bare . Some of us do better at shedding them then others and some of us can go cold turkey , some do well with the help of aides . Bottom line is , only when you are ready can you start to stop the addiction .


I am really doing good, a lot better than I ever imagined I could…




Wish I had known this before I knitted and sent my DD dishcloths to her


My mother used to soak anything she was afraid would run, in cold salty water…I never heard of vinegar to set colours. I use vinigar to remove underarm stains…



I’ll try both ways next time I knit dishcloths or dishtowels. I know the one I’ve knitted for myself have faded. But then I made them to use so for me it doesn’t really matter.


Let us know which is better in your opinion when you do it…


I just completed another double knit hat… Hat

As you can see this hat is more for warm rather than a fancy pattern.


I like that hat. I think it will be more appealing to a lot of guys than a fancy pattern would be. Actually, I’m not into fancy patterns for myself much either. I’d want different colors. :wink:


Exactly my thoughts when making…I was listening to a podcast from a male knitter and he mentioned that most designs were for women… So I made this for a man… I plan on making more manly hats…and I have a lot of darker colours in my stash… Thanks ‘Brat’
( now I feel guilty calling you that)


And well you should. :wink: I am a brat and have had such fun with this. I have a key fob that says I’m not a *itch - I’m THE *itch. I had to quit using it for a while a few years back. The grands were at that stage where it was just too much fun.

Right now I’m pondering what kind of afghan to make for my grandson. He likes orange a lot so that will be a major color. It will probably use mitered squares since he like geometric shapes.


i like the crown shaping :wink:


Me, too. It’s just an all-around nice hat, very masculine.


My husband would love this hat .


I would love to see more manly hats too. For myself I would knit the main part of the hat in pink and the rib and alter line color in dark gray .


You could knit this hat very easily…did you check my notes, all the info is there…if you want to make it larger, just make sure you can divide the amount of stitches on the needle evenly…this hat had 96 Sts, so I had 8 sections of 12. 104 would give you 8 sections of 13 sts, etc. I did 5 inches of ribbing, then for the next row I kfb for every stitch, thus creating a knit stitch first then a purl stitch…next row I added the black yarn to the purl Sts… That’s all there is to it…when I decided to make the stripe, I just switched the colours and in this case I did two rows, then went back to the original colour…when it was long enough I started the decreasing…for top…
Chris: I placed a marker every 12 Sts, then I followed in pattern to last 4 Sts before marker, rearranged the Sts to lay PPKK then I k2tog, SSP. I did this every second row for the first 6 decreases then after that I decreased every row… Makes a slightly flatter top, so make sure you have enough length before starting decreases…

Nana: whatever size you normally make hubby will work for this, just make sure you can divide the Sts evenly at the end for decreases…hubby’s head is 26 1/2 " and this fits snugly, but not uncomfortabley.

Any more questions just ask!