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I sent Just Charlotte a PM but I haven’t heard back from her . As for the PK , I am not normally a tight knitter but I am with PK so I’m working on that .

I did find some interesting videos on easier purling for Continental . I haven’t tried them yet but I will.


Charlotte’s not been active here for a long time. In fact, she’d not been knitting at all but as I understand has started again. She’s gotten into quilting. If you don’t hear back soon let me know, I’ll see if I can help you connect.


Ok the two videos you linked, Rox did the first one and it is ok, not the way I do mine though…

The second one you linked is not what you want to do for knitting or purling… It is knit through the back loop and corrected on the purl side by wrapping the yarn backwards… There is a term for this type of knitting but it is not coming to me right now… I will look for a video showing how I purl…


Here is an exaggerated video as to how I purl.


Second video is combined, combination, combo, com-something and does set the stitches “backwards” on the needle. I do it similarly but wrap the other way. I used to always need to wrap the yarn round my pinikie to get enough tension to do the wrap but after a while it wasn’t always necessary, it depends on the yarn and whether I’m purling a lot of stitches or one or two. Now I have to pay attention to keep my purls looser, go figger. You might actually like the Norwegian purl. Once I got the hang of it I find it useful sometimes but I do have to watch out for accidental yo’s. I’ll let you pick your poison for yourself. lol


Funny how I get a brain fart and you corrected my post thankfully…the words just evaded me… Thanks


Nana, think back to when you learned to knit. How long did it take you to find your way of doing it and get comfortable with purls? You really are learning an entirely different set of movements from English purling. You’re retraining your hands and brain and all the nerves and muscles in between that are involved. Cut yourself some slack, girl! It’s taken me more than three years to get so I can do knits and purls English and I’m still not comfortable with them.

Using my forefinger to move the yarn down like that literally cramps my style. I get a cramp in my hand! For whatever reason, rocking my left hand toward me and picking the stitch doesn’t. I’m glad we can each find the way that works for us. I really do knit very much like I crochet.


Not a correction, it’s part of our conference here, I’m finishing your sentence kind of thing. You know what a conference is, don’t you? It’s when bunch of people get together to pool their ignorance. lol Well, we are actually sharing the knowledge we can recall. So many knitters have forgotten more than I’ll ever learn. I think I’m writing more her mostly to avoid doing dishes.


Sometimes you make me crack up laughing…love you!

Lists video as stated is making huge motions that is why I said exaggerated way, I agree making big motions repeatedly would kill my hands too.


[B][COLOR=“Red”]L :heart: VE [/COLOR][/B]you too. Sometimes if I know someone laughed at what I wrote, even those times I don’t mean to be funny, it makes my day just so much better. Thanks.


This is what I laughed at, it is sooooooo true! Love it!


DD and I often have conference calls. Sad, really. :wink:
I worked for the state. The state is big on conferences.


I just cracked up laughing at that one too. Had to read it out loud to hubby because he wanted t know “what’s so funny” I replied " oh it’s GG , she just cracks me up ":rofl:

I just got home and it’s late so I’ll check out the links you all left in the morning and thank you both .

I greatly appreciate our Conference that we are having . I just feel this need to expand my knitting styles and techniques . I’m not getting any younger you know . I have to do this before the Alzheimer sets in :rofl: and I can’t remember :out:


I only care to associate with cracked people. You’re not boring.

I’ve been informed by someone who should know that PK decreases are the same as English decreases. I hope I got that right. The only reason I can think they’d be adjusted is if you knit in the round with purls on the outside and then you should be able to tell what to do, that still might require no adjustment.

I have not woken up all day, now I’m waking up. So not fair.


I may be the oldest in this group, so if you expect sympathy, forget it!!! I’m 63 turning 64 this year!

I havn’t shared with you all, but will now. Today is my 45th smoke free day, cold turkey. I have been a smoker my entire life, I started as a kid when we thought it was Kool. I have tried to quit more times than I can count in my lifetime, but never lasted more than a week… I always used AIDS as I thought I could never do it on my own. But, I liked smoking, a cigarette was my friend, with me in good times as well as bad…so I always went back to my friend… This time is different for me…I am tired of being shunned every where I go, can’t smoke anywhere. My friends and family do not smoke, so for me it was time. The quitting has been up and down as for struggle, but, this time I am going to do it! Thanks for listening!


Good for you! If you can do 45 days, then one more should be no big deal. One day at a time.


Well:psst: you’re not the oldest here . I am glad you shared with us. It’s a very difficult thing you’re doing . Congrats on 45 days I know how hard those days have been for you so far. Here’s to 45 more:balloons:


I love Liat and her videos . thanks for the link . It looks effortless to do.


Watched the last link here and thought wth :noway:


Drats, I need to either go to bed earlier or wake up sooner. I thought I just got on the computer and looked at the clock and it’s time to get dressed for work already . 2 Years can not come fast enough !!