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Here’s a link to my failure on my recent Reversible Double Knitting project . I failed miserably. Right now I give up .


Take a break, breathe, put it in timeout and look at it again later. It’s something you really want so I think that giving yourself time to recoup and try again will eventually pay off.

ETA I’m sure already saw it but just in case you missed Amy’s video here’s the link. Hers made sense to me even though I’ve not actually tried it yet.


Where’s the link ?


:aww: Sorry 'bout that.

It was wearing an invisibilty cloak?


Is that your first try at double knitting? If so, I think you were quite ambitious trying a multi colour project for your first attempt… Personally I would grab some more yarn and do that pattern again, but this time just use two colours for your motif. That way you can work on tension issues, edges, correcting a mistake. It is like learning to swim, you don’t jump into the ocean the first time out…I did a lot of double knitting before I working on these mittens.
[ATTACH]3 colour mitts[/ATTACH]


I love your work Lori , those are gorgeous. I can clear my calendar , you just tell me what days your DK classes are and I’ll write you a check for the lessons , you can take a check yes?

Did you read the posting in the thread ?

I really thought I was doing it right but there was one little thing that felt off. Obliviously I was way way off and very confused on what and when and where and why .

Was it because I was messing things up that I would get sts in the motif squares set up out of order ? I tried to ask this question in detail in the link above but so far have not got an answer to my question

On the chart the row numbers were on the right side only so what I did was work right to left and when I turned my work I repeated working right to left , was that right or wrong ?


Nathan was giving you good advice, so I did not make a comment except on here…i think you just are jumping in too fast, you are running before you learn how to walk…do not give up!!!


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You’re right, I am stepping back and rethinking this project. What would you suggest I try with a motif ?

I have done a swatch of one color on one side and another color on the other side. It came out fine . I just saw the potholder and loved the pattern and colors . Now I know I was way in over my head.


The pattern you chose was pretty, it was the fact, I think of using so many colours that got you turned around. I think you could handle any two colour motif, or design your own. Another thing I would do is check out Nathans videos on decreasing and increasing etc and practise those so you are comfortable…I also have some videos but his are done much more professionally than mine. Don’t make your dKing a job, enjoy playing with the technique.


Ok, so I love this Portuguese knitting style so much I made my own yarn holder so I could practice . Button, thread, Magnet, super glue . They want $100 for something similar to mine online :noway:


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Who do I thank for the Portugese Knitting link ? Because I have Arthritis in my hands and it’s really friendly on my hands :x:


:woohoo: Anything that’s easier on the hands is a winner! I don’t know who posted a link or which video you watched, so not me! Portuguese style made my thumb hurt. I intend to try it again. JustPlainCharlotte knits Portuguese style, she got me interested in it. Your knitting pin is lovely BTW.


I totally misunderstood you, I did not realize you wanted to totally change knitting styles to Portuguese…I thought you were trying to knit contential and purl using your thumb…that is why I commented as I did…

Portuguese is a great way of knitting too, I tried it a few years back…good luck to you. Did you know there is a great forum on Rav called Portuguese knitters… I also have knitting pins, the one pictured on the left was one gifted to me from Stoneybrook the mod from the Portuguese knitting group, the one on the right is my homemade pin, made from an Eyeglass holder for your clothing and a picture hager attached to the loop. I tended to use yarn round neck more than I like using a pin… There are also a lot of great videos on PK on You tube…

You should really join their group, their are a few guys that do great double knitting and FairIsle knitting as well…
Good luck to you!


No you didn’t miss understand . I do want to learn Continental . I’ve been trying to do it but I just can not successfully purl continental. I read that English knitters wanting to learn Continental knitting but have trouble with purling do much better with Portuguese Knitting. I guess you can say I’m easily distracted .

I will always be an English knitter ,it’s what I know best. But I found I can knit and purl using PK and it is a little faster for me and easier on my hands. I think it would be nice to know more then one way of knitting.

I did find the groups on Ravelry thank you . I joined the group because I have so many question .

So you knit Portuguese style ? BTW I love your pins


I can knit Portuguese style, but I do not do it. Like you I just wanted to learn for the sake of saying “I learnt how”. A lot of PK,'s turn their project I side out so that they purl items knit in the round etc. For me that was confusing, especially if there was a design involved…but I am sure it is more a matter of practise like everything else is.

I like you knit English my whole life and wanted to learn Continental, so what I did was every day I spent at least 15 minutes in front of the various videos trying to learn. Then I would go back and work English on my WIP. I kept looking at various ways people held their yarn etc and did their stitches and I think I tried them all. Nothing was really working and I thought I would never get it. Then one day the knitting fell into place and I could knit Contentinal. Purling took longer, but eventually I got it too. I never consciously changed my knitting style on my WIP’s but one day I noticed I was knitting Cont… For me my tension is a lot more even with Cont than English, but that is me… Just keep trying!


Lori, for me I really think I could get into the PK but I worry that when I get really into it to the point of ’ Ok, now I need to try to knit a garment’ that I’ll fall apart not knowing what to do when a st pattern comes up that I know well from knitting English , but needs to be executed differently knitting PK . Does that make sense ? Everyone keeps saying that all the sts are the same but their really not if you need to know how to manipulate them in the right manner to achieve the same st as in English knitting . That’s why I am looking for a book on PK . I know Andrea Wong has a book on it but right now is not a good time for me to buy it. My birthday is coming up maybe someone will surprise me :pray::rofl:

And yes , like you , I would like to be able to say ’ Yes I can knit PK. But at the same time if someone wants me to teach them PK, I would like to be able to show them how as well.

I did try knitting PK on a wip but my tension was way to tight so I went back to what I know ‘English’


Lori, I can’t remember who gave me the link to PK, if it was you thank you every much ~


Not sure if it was me or not as to PK link…

I saved this forum on Rav and this may be just what you need: PK and double Knitting…

For me I found the yarn dangling on me annoying and I was never able to get my tension even…but honestly I never really gave it a chance… Not sure where Just Charlotte has gotten to on here, she knits PK…and would be the one to ask…