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My TO DO list is so long and everything on it is safe from me starting it. I never procrastinate, that’s on my TO DO list too. :teehee:


Double Knitting I HATE IT :hair::wall::hair::wall: But have to learn this :waah: I feel like I’m a first time knitter with this thing . Can’t hold the yarn right, trying my best to figure this new thing out . Laptop in my lap following videos ,knitting as I go ,getting so frustrated. This thing will not beat me !:x:


i believe you can do it! i have to believe… i had to give up on learning brioche and double knitting because i just don’t have the time (or the wish for my ego to get bruised while learning)… but i KNOW with your experience and determination, you can do it!

i wonder if a nearby LYS has somebody on staff who can help you? or maybe an in-person KAL using that technique?


That’s my next step, going to my LYS


I’ve been watching Liat Gat and her videos on Double Reversible Knitting , starting with her reading Double Reversible Knitting charts video. I think I might have a better idea now of what I’m not doing right . I can do the double knitting but I was lost with reading the charts. I frogged this thing 5 times last night , finally at 5 in the morning I gave up and went to bed . :hair:

Tomorrow I will try again, I will learn this if it kills me !


ooh! checkout this new podcaster with all his doubleknit vids! :wink:


I’m sure you can get this. I’m equally sure it’s very difficult and frustrating. Hopefully there is IRL help at the LYS. If you need to take a break from it, do. A break is not giving up, it’s time to do something you can feel good about and be able to go back refreshed.


Do not overthink it… The side facing you becomes your right or public side when working flat. You consider each PAIR of stitches as one stitch…whether knitting one colour on each side or with a motif. So whatever colour you knit with, then you purl with the opposite colour. The beauty of double knitting is you can knit/purl with yarn in either hand, or with yarn in each hand… No worries of dominant yarns like in Fairisle knitting… Keep at it and you will not be sorry…


Yes I know , why pick a first time pattern with a motif like this . I have no idea other then I really really like the motif and the colors. I never do simple . My first stained glass piece was 36 by 32 and had over 200 pieces in it. Hubbies first stained glass 3 pieces.

I don’t know why I do the things I do :rofl:

the photo is from the book, not my work …yet !


Lori, do you double knit ?

One video shows knitting the first stitch pair together as one on both ends and another video says to slip the first stitch pair knitwise and purl the last pair with both colors :whoosh:.


yet! but it WILL be! :wink:


Yes I Double Knit, I have several mitten and hat patterns for sale on Rav…I knit in the round, 2aat for my mittens…

The difference you are seeing between these two methods each give you a different effect. Both are correct… The one where you knit both strands together give you one look, and the one where you slip your yarns, twisting the yarns gives another look. Try both on a swatch and see which one you like better… There are many different ways of casting on as well, and again they all give you a slightly different look , just like there are over 50 cast on’s for regular knitting…

I will answer any questions you have and hope I can help you…


Bless you Lori, I truly appreciate your help on this. I figured out right away that this like any thing else with knitting is going to have many different way of doing the same thing.

I just got off the phone with my LYS to see if I could set up some classes on this and they were not ready for someone like me:rofl: It would appear that I am the first and only one to ask for a Revesible Double Knitting class . They said they would have to get back with me ,seems their not sure if they have someone to teach a class for me.


Seems like there is not much interest inDKing here as well. My LYS asked me if I would teach a class on it if she could get interest in a class. That was last November, so I’m assuming since I have not heard from her that she has had no interest…

Wish we were close so I could help you… watch different videos on You Tube, then find a motif you like with a chart. Then make a swatch with:

  1. 2 colour long tail cast on ( there are many out there)
  2. On the edges on this swatch, knit the first and last St together.
  3. Bind off

Then I would do another swatch but this time

  1. Cast on with an invisible cast on
  2. Do the sides with the slip ( twisting yarns) method
  3. Finish with the Kitchener bind off
    I really like this lady’s videos too. Check out some of her other videos too…

Then compare both swatches and see which you prefer the look of…

This will give you a good start!


Spent the day in the ER yesterday. Ed (Hubby) was experiencing neck,shoulder, and pain in his left arm and given his history I called 911. We were both scared , the last heart attack he had he died 3 times . The lower half of his heart was dead.Doctor said it was the Widow Maker and he was surprised he made it because they call it that for a reason. But this time after a few hours the Doctor came in and ensured us it was not his heart .

After seeing the xrays it seems he has some old damage in his neck that has him in such pain . He’s on some heavy pain killers right now and has a specialist to see . Long day but at least we know it not his heart :thumbsup:


That’s scary. I’m so glad he’s OK. :hug:


big hugs and happy thoughts go out to you!


So happy that he is having a happy ending to this mystery pain…I bet it was a tough day on you too hanging around a hospital, not knowing what is going on is not pleasant either…



Thanks guys, what ever is going on isn’t going away. So hopefully the Specialist Doctor will be able to find and fix the issue for him. I was so worried in the ER for a moment I forgot how old he is , the male nurse asked “how old are you sir” we both replied at the same time with two different ages "64 (me) 66 (him) I looked at him and said " when the hell did that happen ":roflhard: The nurse then said “so it’s safe to say you’ve been married a long time”