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I do lots of double-knitting and it would take supper for a year at the restaurant of my choice to knit that for someone else…

Do you double knit or just want to learn??? It really is not rocket science, but more like doing ribbing constantly.

Here is a pretty adult coat for you to drool over,


Just for Giggles , when you make the two squares just finish the whole thing :rofl: You know and I know you can do it ! Just saying :thumbsup:


Lori, OMG ! what are you doing to me girl ! What a gorgeous coat . I went looking to buy the pattern but I can’t find where to purchase it . The link takes me to the Ravelry page and when I click on the schoolhouse link I can download the a link to the pattern but it doesn’t give the whole pattern, only shows page 1 :shrug:


As Adam on MythBusters said: What’s my motivation?

I looked at Lori’s link. Drool, yes.

ETA I think you have to find the publication it’s in to get the pattern.


I don’t know what I’m thinking :rofl: Spending hours look for a pattern that is way beyond my knitting skills . I went through my knitting book library because I was dead sure I had the book that pattern is in and I don’t have it. Now do I go and buy the whole book to get one pattern :shrug: that I may or may not knit :x:


Only you can decide. Don’t forget, not to decide is to decide.


So thanks to Lori I now have the
Double Knitting: Reversible Two-Color Designs
by M’Lou Baber book . And what a deal I got on it. A few weeks back I had to take my car in for a recall issue and they gave me a free $25 Amazon gift card which I used today to purchase the book which was $20.99 plus shipping :woot: Drats that leaves me 2 cents on the card :rofl:

Nana’s gonna learn to do Double Knitting: Reversible Two-Color Designs:woohoo:


2 cents? That should make for a real shopping spree! Yesterday I drove through Jack In the Box and finally,[I] finally[/I] they figured out that they must cash out gift cards with a balance of less than $5 in Washington State and I got my 92 with no hassle, the girl just had to find out how to do it.

Enjoy your new book!


when i was doing retail, for 2 different national companies, there was no work-around for that on our terminals, even though there are other states who have this law/option as well. so instead i trained all the staff to do it as a fake sale using whatever $ was left on the card, and then do a return/refund. it took a few extra steps, but the few customers who wanted it generally understood and were just happy to have it available as an option. most others, when prompted, said ‘naw, i’ll be back, i’ll just spend my 60 cents later.’


I got so pi**ed about them saying, “We can’t do that” that I actually did a printout of the RCW to hand them. Subway hasn’t seen me again since they refused and I didn’t care to educate them that day. I still have a small balance on that card. I tend to misplace them is why I care. As the customer, I don’t care what workaround they have to do, just do it. That said, I can be as understanding as anyone if it’s a hassle but to tell me they can’t? That don’t fly.


It’s like it’s my Birthday , The book is online starting at $26 some as high as $42 and I got it for free :woot::woot::woot:


:cheering: :yay: :cheering: :yay: :cheering: :yay: :cheering: :yay:


Look at the price we have to pay for that book in Canada and that is not even a hard cover but a paperback! And used, not even new! Plus shipping!

BTY: where’s the your welcome button…



Holy Moly , that’s just wrong . Can you use the US Amazon site. I know on eBay hubby will search both US and the UK for the best price before buying something.

If I forgot to thank you Lori :oops: :blush: I’m sorry :hug:


No I do not get the option of buying anywhere but Canada on Amazon…all books, greeting cards etc are about 3 x the price you pay, then exchange rates, then 13% tax and if the item is over $20.00 we pay a brokerage fee as well. Then shipping and handling at the end. Only way we do not get all the extra charges is if the store sells in Canada, like Knit Picks…

I have the book Extreme Double Knitting by alisdar post quin, but was able to buy via knit picks for $24.99 U.S. funds, on Amazon it was over $100.00


That really sucks . If I lived in Canada I would never buy off of Amazon . All of my knitting book have come off of Amazon and I’ve look track for how many I have . But with all of the knitting books I have I found I didn’t have any on Double reversible knitting . I always buy the used ones and rarely ever buy it new.

What do you think of the book Extreme Double Knitting . Would you suggest buying it for a beginner ?


Lori, I also bought, Knitting Double: Mastering the two-color technique with over 30 reversible projects. Because it says it has step by step photos and instruction and small projects like potholders and phone sleeves for first timers like me . One way or another I am going to knit the Central Park Coat from the book you suggested, Double Knitting: Reversible Two-Color Designs
by M’Lou Baber . i checked on Ravelry to see what other knitters had done with this pattern as far as color and I fell in love with this Blue and White one .

First , I have to knit the double knitted reversible Tomten coat , I posted a picture of it and I think the books I’ve ordered will help me get started on it. When I’m done with it, it’s off to Paris for Dinner with a dear friend , oh and dinner is her treat !!


When learnt how to Double Knit I watched countless videos on You Tube. I have both craftsy classes Lucy Neatby’s and Alisdar’s. Lucy’s starts out with very basic double knitting, flat on straight needles and gradually works up to coloured work. She did teach me a few things, but I did find the class extremely basic… Alisdar’s class is better, but he has improved a lot of techniques since he did the class…when he did the class he did a lot of knitting through the back loop, (which usually is not done). I find him painful to watch as he does one stitch, then tugs on his yarn then does another stitch and repeats. But there are a lot of good techniques in the class as well. Now, you asked about the book. Personally there are a lot of patterns in the book that I personally would never make, but that is like any book. He does have a lot of step by step how to’s in the book with lots of pictures. I do not know what techniques are in the book you just purchased, so if I were you I’d wait and see once you get the book.

In the meantime check out the YTUBE videos.


I am at a lost right now with teaching someone to knit. I have taught her the basics and had her start with a garter st dishcloth . But it’s not going well. When she makes mistakes she just keeps on going no matter what it looks like and either adds sts or drops sts as she goes. The dishcloth was a disaster . I have her working on a 4 by 4 swatch right now of a st pattern she came up with ,5 rows knit , 2 rows purl, repeat . She showed me her swatch which was half way there with no mistakes other than she is a tight knitter and I told her how proud I was of her , that she did a very nice job so far . Then today she hands me her unfinished swatch and says here tell me what I did wrong . I didn’t know were to begin. Dropped sts,incomplete sts (don’t know how to explain it) she ends up with what looks like two sts when she’s done knitting the st,split (yarn) sts, purled when you should have knitted the row and “I have know idea what you did here ?”

I was at a lost as to why she kept knitting with so many mistakes staring back at her . So we had a refreshers, class on how to find mistakes and fix them . How to unknit knit sts and purl sts, how to ‘Tink’ . How to pick up dropped sts. How to know if your sts are sitting right on your needles .

I told her “You can do this, because you showed me you could with the first half of your swatch, you did it perfect , so I know you can do this”

How do I teach her to knit looser , I think it would help her to see her mistakes . I have repetitively worked with her yarn placement in her hand having her try several different ways of holding the yarn but she keeps going back to this weird two finger lifting the yarn up and over :shrug:

She’s been trying for a month now to get a swatch knitted with out a mistake and I don’t know what else I can do for her .:x:


Maybe she should try a different knitting style. Maybe Continental would be her thing. It might be worth a try.