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I always wondered about that , seems like the bathroom is the room for selfies :rofl:


That’s a really good idea , I think that’s what I’ll do first, thank you GG. I went looking at this Mosaic knitting you’re talking about and found this link. It all still sounds kindof scary if you ask me. But I think it’s time for me to step it up and at least give it a try .


Hey at least I have those buttons :yay:. I wish they would have shown the back of the sweater.


This has been my favorite for a long time now. I really want to make one in my size, the photo is a child’s size. This is also a reversible coat .

My dear friend challenged me to a free dinner of my choice if I knit this ,hummmm… where to go to make it worth my time !?! LOL


My Dishrag Tote ( thread here ) is, I think, mosaic knitting. Not hard, requires a bit of attention and some real focus and that’s a challenge for me. I’ll let you look at the thread if you want to know more or answer questions as best I can.

Now to look at the rest of the new posts here.

ETA :woohoo: I just put the dishrag pattern in my library. I’m so excited I might wet my pants. :roflhard: Now I’ll be able to find things once in a while. If I can figure out how to organize the patterns I may go comatose.
At some point the party moved from my blog thread to yours and X’s. Sort of like a progressive knitting dinner. :teehee:


an all-you-can-eat (and all-you-can-stuff-in-a-take-home-bag) lobster and steak place? oh, wait, what’s the name of that fancy ice cream shop… serendipity? with the multi-thousand $ sundaes that have gold leaf, etc.


That may be true right now, today, but it won’t stay that way. If you decide to do something, you work on getting it done. Just because you need to do some prep type pieces to further develop your skills first doesn’t mean you won’t do this or something similar in the future.


I don’t know which picture you’re talking about but the bathroom mirror is sometimes the only one available for these selfies, I think.


You must fly to Europe to sample authentic French cuisine.:thumbsup:


You’re right:rofl: she didn’t say it had to be local :thumbsup: I love Paris ,went there in 04’ although I did have one awesome steak on a stone in Germany .


Lori was referring to the Yeti outfit as our X called it .


GG made a good suggestion, I wonder if Dinner includes Airfare:rofl:


I just saw your tote , all I can say is Awesome , oh and I do love the color choice . Heading to Ravelry to see if you posted a pattern for it. It would make a great knitting tote.


Dinner should include transportation. If not, no deal. Any country that is safe to travel to that you would care to sample the food would work.


Works for me !


A limited time free pattern that might interest you…now I have to put it in my library! 'later 'gator!

Aztec Phone Sweater

The Aztec phone sweater is free until midnight on March 2nd (GMT +1)! No coupon code necessary. If you are in the EU and have trouble downloading please pm me (Alazybeauty).

PS You really need to look at the limited time free patterns thread often.


A crochet pattern
A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Thanks for the link, I just downloaded it . That’s a good one to try, small , I like that!


Now you’re asking to much of me :rofl: but I did but it in my library .


I might make a couple of the squares just for giggles, I’d never expect to finish the whole thing. Unless my GS decided he likes it, then I might have to see if I could manage the whole thing.