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Red Heart is not like it use to be years ago. I’ve heard it’s softer and nicer to knit with. I would not have the gonads to stick a skein of yarn in panty hose and wash it either . With my luck it would end up being used as my firestarter for my fire place .


I have visions of it being eaten by the front loader washer and ruining it. YIKES!!! I may try washing some yarn BUT it will be very well secured inside something.

It seems to me that RHSS used to be more like the Caron One Pound yarn. Maybe not, the good ol’ days weren’t after all. :wink: Until I used nicer yarn I had no clue it was hard to work with so maybe my standards are what changed.






Cupid’s coming…oh, that’s bad. It’s so bad I put it on FB.



Didn’t you say you like Arucania yarn? On sale at Little Knits.


I can’t seem to get the photos to fit on here tonight ,but my sweater is finished :woot:. We had three snow days in a row this past week and it was just what I needed to complete my sweater.

Thanks for the link GG, I don’t like Arucania Yarns , I adore , I love Arucania yarns . Hubby just ordered me more and I’m waiting for it to arrive .


That’s beautiful! You done really good on that. Bet’cha love it and you’ll get lots of compliments too.

I was going in the store the other day and someone says, I love your sweater. Made me feel really good.


Are you aware of this thread? another new limited time free pattern… Lots of freebies and you might like to sign up at Sweater Babe for their email it’s supposed to include a link for a free pattern every month.



I have been knitting like mad ! One project after an other. My youngest son thinks I should knit this for him :noway:


i didn’t even realize people were knitting themselves their own yetis…


Just think of the hours of knitting and it’s all Aran knitting :wall:


Offer to sew him one from burlap.:mrgreen:

I’m leery of the All Free Knitting giveaway asking for name and address, other things online only ask for an email.


I think I might like to make this, it’s some thing I’ve never knitted before


That’s beautiful. You’d do a great job on it.


i just saw that on ravelry this morning - it looks great and i’m sure you’d make a beautiful version! :wink:


You guys give me to much credit ,but thank you. I’ve never done Intarsia or Fair Isle knitting before and I really think it may be beyond me knitting skills.


Do something smaller first. You could make a square and use it for the front of a bag. I like dish cloth patterns for that, I intend to do a mosaic one one day.


Lol, and why not? I couldn’t imagine making this, extreme knitting. Look at all the cables and fancy patterns within…omg!!

They had to take the picture in the BATHROOM? WTF?