Names under the user name

So how does the title appear under your computer name? Under mine it says “ribbing the cuff” but other people have different ones so … how does that happen?

It depends on how many posts you’ve made. They’re the steps in making a sock.

what I was wondering: what happens when you are done with your sock? :smiley:

[COLOR=“Indigo”]I haven’t looked at where I am on my post count “sock step” label in quite a while. :wink:

I knit my first socks two at at time, toe up on two circulars. That means for me the post count to sock step ranking is backwards to my experience. :think: [/COLOR]

what I was wondering: what happens when you are done with your sock? :smiley:

I dunno I think we all became mods when our post count got really high… :rofl:

Ok I checked the member list and it looks like you get to go to the 2nd sock. Jack’s method nonwithstanding, this presumes a top down single sock method.

Clearly, Amy and Sheldon chose this post count ranking system because …

…they didn’t know me, erm, I mean “Jack” back then. :roflhard:

To Amy, Sheldon, and all the Mods, thank you for such a fantastic resource you’ve crated and maintained in Knitting Help dot com.[/COLOR]

Thanks. You wouldn’t believe the debates we had about this counting system.

Ahh! so Mod is the way to go. That’s why I do not find a person with anything but a sock.

I would love a sweater to follow. back, front, sleeve, SECOND sleeve, hood, maybe. But I just knit away on my merry little way :smiley:

No I was kidding about that, though it’s true some of us have high post counts.

I believe Amy and I decided not to reveal all the steps and let folks discover them as they reach them. I don’t believe anyone has obtained the highest ranking yet (Ingrid may have? It’s 25K posts!), and those with the highest post counts tend to be the mods, and being a mod removes the title from showing. The ranking become harder to achieve as you move up in rank. The first five are easy and take 500 posts to move through. The next five take 16,000 posts! So I guess you’all just need to keep posting more! :happydance:

Isn’t there something about swimming in sock yarn? I thought there was something beyond 2nd sock. Maybe I’ll post a couple of thousand times to see :)!

There is a reference to sock yarn near the top. I believe there is one additional rank beyond that.

Jan has about 30 posts more than Ingrid now because Ingrid hasn’t been posting much this year. They both have over 25,000 posts. Another member is getting close to that number (well, if 3000 counts as ‘close’).

Not really adding anything to this thread…I just wanted to see what part of the sock I’ve reached now :teehee:

Thanks. I was too lazy to go check and see if anyone had reach that post count. I was basing my assumptions on when we first created the ranking a couple years ago. At the time, I believe there was no one at 25K, although I thought Ingrid was pretty close at the time. Shocked to hear that she doesn’t have the highest post count any longer.

Well, it’s not by much… She just hasn’t been able to post very much this last year or so. I miss her.

Found this old thread about post count and the ranking as progress through a sock pattern.

@sheldon , did we lose the ranking in the new format?

I use my iPhone to get on here and I don’t see anything underneath my name. Did it change??


I think the rating system is gone. But it reminds me just how much I miss suzeeq. Losing her as a mod was a big reason I didn’t post here for a long time.