Name this Yarn!

Anyone care to guess what this yarn might be? I want it now!!!
Thanks to anyone who might know!

Looks like Noro Kureyon to me. If I had to guess…color #95.

I’m going to check that out! Thanks so much!! Love this forum!

I agree,.

Isn’t that Noro yarn that most people use to make Booga Bags with? :happydance:

Thanks Julie! I added the NORO link to my favorites! Like I needed another Yarn haunt! :teehee:

yup definitely noro and i would say about 95% sure it is number 95! :wink:

It is that color that constantly makes me forget how much i dislike knitting with noro. :verysad: I love their colorways… :verysad:

Do not hesitate to ‘manipulate’ the color sequences when using NORO yarn.
If one color sequence is just toooo much in length…END IT by cutting it out…and pick up at the next color sequence. Use the ‘cut out/removed’ yarn for the buttonhole bands, or the collar. Or, use it later in an afghan project!

I use the splice-moisten-felt ‘joining’ method when using NORO, and most all wools. Impossible to detect the join. Amy Finlay calls it the Felted Join under Basic Techniques. She shows it for SAME COLOR YARN join, but it works for NORO too. The felted join sure is nice when you have to frog a project or section!

So appreciate your help and all the great info! Ordered some #95 today!