Name this stitch

Anyone have a guess on this stitch pattern? Sorry I don’t have a better picture. Took it through glass, in a mall, with my phone. I was guessing at Garter Rib.


are you sure it is knit…it almost looks crocheted…

Looks like broken rib to me. Almost like it was knitted on needles just a size too small for the yarn.

Thank you! I just looked up Broken Rib and I think you are right! Off to experiment.


I think it might be the double broken rib, it looks like two knits.



No doubt, is broken rib. I’ve been checking out that stitch pattern for a project myself.

Hmmm… you may be right. Anyway I swatched double broken rib and I like the way it looks. However, I don’t know how to knit it in the round so I don’t end up with 4 purl sts at the end of round. Posted this question in the how to forum also, but it has not been answered yet. (I know I am impatient, but I want to take advantage of the rare nap my 4 year is taking!)

Edit: problem solved!